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I’m pregnant — and it’s not my husband’s baby

I’m pregnant – and it’s not my husband’s baby! It happens, probably more frequently than you’d realize. And, though it sounds a little scandalous on its face, in my experience, that’s almost never the case. In most of the cases that I’ve seen where a wife gets pregnant with a baby that is not her…

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Virginia Woman’s Guide to Spousal Support: Part 2

On Monday we talked about spousal support, including how it’s calculated, and what factors affect whether it’ll be awarded. Today, we’re going to go into even more detail, discussing adultery and it’s impact on spousal support, imputation of income, voluntary underemployment, modifiability, and tax consequences associated with support. For more information on these topics, let’s…

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Can I date now that I’m separated?

Some women swear that, after divorce, they’ll never date again. Others seem to find love again quickly and easily without really trying. Whatever your feelings are regarding love and relationships after divorce (though I can tell you that, statistically, you will find love again), you should also know that, before divorce, there are some issues….

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