How do I protect myself in Virginia divorce?

There are a lot of unknowns in life.  When you got married, you probably didn’t think you’d eventually find yourself thinking about heading down the path towards divorce.  And yet – here you are.  You’re in the right place, of course, and you’re certainly asking the right questions.  It’s important that, before things go too…

Divorce Support Groups

There’s no question that going through a divorce or custody case is difficult in more ways than one.  Whenever we talk to women, particularly women who are at the beginning of the process, they cite a whole laundry list of concerns that are keeping them lying awake at night. Whether their concerns are more emotional…

How are Virginia military divorces different?

How are Virginia military divorces different? If you’re active duty military, retired active duty military, you’re married to an active duty military service member, or even if you’re married to a retired active duty military service member, there will be some components of your divorce that are a little bit different than traditional civilian divorce….

New Year = Divorce

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start thinking about 2017, and how you’ll make it a better year than 2016. If you’ve been unhappy in your marriage, you’re probably thinking about the changes you could make in your personal life that would make you happier, more fulfilled, or a better parent moving…