Vocational Experts and Spousal Support

  I’ve written about spousal support SO MUCH, and that’s mostly because it’s one of those areas of law that is not at all set in stone. There are things we don’t litigate all that much – like retirement, the marital home, and child support, for example – but there are other things, like spousal…

Virginia Woman’s Guide to Spousal Support

I get it. Spousal support is complicated. And not just that, but keeping everything else in mind that will matter during the course of your divorce is complicated. It’s scary, when you don’t know what’s going to happen to you or your children, and your finances are sort of tenuous at best. If you’ve been…

Spousal Support and Social Security

People get divorced at all of life’s stages. Just because a couple has been married for 30, 40, or even 50 years doesn’t mean that they’ll stay together until death do them part. We see lots and lots of really, really long term marriages dissolved for all sorts of different reasons. In a lot of…

Your income and expense sheet

In a divorce, a big part of what we have to do is figure out how much money exists and how it is spent by the parties. Of course, there’s really no question that, in a divorce, things change, and things that you were formerly able to afford will become more unrealistic through the process….

Virginia Spousal Support Factors

When spousal support is an issue (and it often is), there are three possible issues: first, whether spousal support should be awarded at all; second, if so, then how long should the award of spousal support be expected to continue; and, third, if so, how much spousal support should the recipient spouse expect to receive….

Spousal support strategy in Virginia divorce cases

Spousal support is tricky. In fact, in a lot of cases, spousal support is the sticking point. It is very often the difference between a case that we can settle fairly easily, and one that we have to take to court to let the judge decide. In many cases, one spouse needs it, and the…