When your child’s father is giving the kids too much divorce information

  On Wednesday, we talked about the dangers of talking to your children about your divorce or custody case. (Spoiler alert: Though it can be tempting, don’t do it!) One of the hardest things to handle, though, is when your child’s father is talking to your children in a way that you feel is inappropriate….

How to talk to your child about parental abuse

Cases where we know – or suspect – that there’s abuse happening are some of the worst for about a million different reasons. If you just take them at face value, there’s the obvious issue that we’re concerned that a child is suffering physical, emotional, or sexual abuse at the hands of their other parent….

Is he a narcissist? Common Themes in Virginia Divorce

I was reading a quote the other day that said that the best thing you can do for a narcissist is to give him a child. That was it – that was the end of the quote – but it really did get me thinking. It probably is the best thing you can do, because…

Virginia Shared Child Custody

  There is nothing quite as difficult as determining custody and visitation. As a mother myself, I can completely understand. When you’ve never had to divide your time with your children; when there never was ‘his’ time and ‘her’ time before, grappling with this new kind of divide can be incredibly difficult. How do you…