Recommending a Private Investigator

Can you recommend a private investigator for me? In family law cases, people use private investigators for all sorts of things. Usually, it’s to catch a cheating husband. But, sometimes, we also use private investigators to watch dad during his parenting time, or to discover some unsavory business practices in which he might be engaged….

Should I be my own private investigator in my Virginia custody case?

It used to be that private investigators were predominantly used in adultery cases (LINK) but, in recent years, we’ve come to a point where we probably utilize them even more often in custody cases. We can use private investigators to gather evidence on all sorts of custody-related issues necessary to put on a good case…

Should I be my own private investigator in my Virginia divorce?

When your husband is up to something sneaky, and you suspect that information related to his sneakiness will be beneficial in your divorce case, it’s tempting to want to try to gather every bit of evidence that you can yourself. Private investigators are expensive to hire (in fact, in many cases, their retainers rival what…