Should I draft my Virginia separation agreement first — or let my husband do it?

Getting started with a divorce is always tricky. There are a lot of feelings involved, and, a lot of the time, no one really wants to be the first to pull the trigger, so to speak. They wonder whether they might be better off to wait it out and let their spouse make the first…

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Can I just pay you–later–for my Virginia divorce?

It’s hard to pay for a divorce. It’s really hard. It’s pretty expensive and, besides that fact, there’s all the other transitions and changes which, let’s face it, cost money, too. It’s hard to juggle it all, and certainly hard to afford it all. How do you pay for an attorney—plus begin to separate both…

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Collaborative Divorce Virginia

When it comes to divorce, there are a lot of choices. Gone are the days when divorce was a one size fits all type proposition; these days, there are many more options. Though you still have to have grounds for divorce, potential grounds include both traditional fault based options as well as no fault. Keep…

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Big Money Mistakes in Virginia Divorce

Because I’m in the business of divorce, I often hear this joke. Question: “Do you know why divorce is so expensive?” (The joker then expects the jokee to say, “No, why?”) Answer: “Because it’s worth it!” (Then, of course, the jokee is supposed to roll with uncontrolled mirth.) Maybe I’m a humorless attorney, but I…

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