Adultery, Spousal Support, and Custody

Adultery, Spousal Support, and Custody We talked Monday about adultery, and the difference between filing a divorce (which is a civil case) using adultery as your grounds and an actual criminal prosecution on adultery (which is a level IV misdemeanor in Virginia). The purpose of that article was to alleviate concerns I see around adultery…

Will I be charged with adultery?

So, as you probably already know (or you wouldn’t be reading this article), adultery is a crime in Virginia. It’s also grounds for divorce. But what happens if you file for divorce (or your husband files for divorce) and alleges adultery as the grounds? This is especially a concern for active duty military servicemembers, where…

Security Clearance and Divorce

Living where we live, there are a lot of people in our area with high profile military and civilian careers that require security clearances. If your husband has a security clearance For a husband who has a security clearance, it’s often a super big deal – which makes it a big bargaining chip for you….