Step One: Don’t Get Married

Recently, a woman responded to one of our Facebook posts about our free divorce and custody books, saying, simply, “Step One: Don’t get married.” I’m sure she thought she was being cute and clever. Certainly, if you don’t get married, you don’t need to get divorced. And I’m sure that, if you’re looking divorce square…

Unmarried, Stay at Home Virginia Mom: Will I have to get a job?

We talked the other day about being an unmarried stay at home mom, what happens after you and your child’s father break up, and what options you have to support yourself. Without spousal support as an option, you’re pretty much limited to child support – which is a difficult position in which to find yourself….

Unmarried Stay at Home Virginia Mom

I’ll just say it: I am not cut out to be a stay at home mom. I love my kids, but they drive me crazy, too! Sometimes, I find that I am literally counting down the hours until Monday just so that I can get a little break. If you’re a stay at home mom,…