Dealing with in laws after divorce

  Like entirely too many things in life, there’s no rule book for how to handle certain things after divorce. Before I go too far, allow me to say one thing. Actually, I’m going to give it a header tag, so that it’s bigger than the rest of the text, and so that it really…

Overnight (Romantic) Guests After Divorce

There are a lot of things that are often important to my clients when it comes to custody post-divorce, but one of the first things they mention (particularly if their divorce is related to some sort of adultery) is that they don’t want overnight guests of the opposite sex while the child is in the…

Drinking and New Boyfriends in Virginia Custody Cases

Custody cases are some of the hardest.  Even in cases that – to me, at least – seem more or less routine, there’s still the fact that parents who otherwise would have had (and probably did have, up until recently) complete autonomy over how their children were going to be raised are going to suddenly…

Unrelated Overnight Guests in Virginia Custody

Custody cases are some of the most complicated that we see. The court views a divorce case as predominantly a business transaction. Though you may get laughed at if you say that it’s about “fairness”, there is a fair amount of consideration that goes into the equity of a particular way of dissolving the marriage….