Virginia child custody

Calling the police to enforce Virginia custody and visitation

Calling the police to enforce Virginia child custody and visitation For every highly contentious case I see, there are probably hundreds of other where the parents are able to work things out. There are likely a bunch of families where mom and dad split up, but they never see the inside of the courtroom. Professionally,…

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Virginia Child Custody Seminar for Moms

We talked Wednesday about how difficult child custody cases are (and particularly the cases where sexual abuse is an issue). If you’re facing a custody case, there’s no doubt that you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed. There’s a lot at stake in a custody case and, chances are, if you’re willing to go to court, it’s…

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How to win your Virginia custody case

Worried about how to win your custody case? You’re not alone. Facing a custody case is one of those things that strikes fear into even the calmest momma’s heart. I get it; it’s a big deal, and it’s really scary to imagine that so much of your future is wrapped up in what a judge…

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