Divorce Seminar

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What Women Need to Know About Divorce in Virginia

If you are a woman who is considering divorce, you need to attend.

Join other women like you to:

  • Explore the legal, financial and emotional support resources available during the divorce process.
  • Learn what to expect during a divorce and how to prepare for this challenge with greater confidence and understanding.
  • Discover the four ways to obtain a divorce: Litigation, Negotiation, Mediation and the Collaborative Team Model.
  • Listen to other women like you who are experiencing similar life changes.

Where can you find answers to your legal questions without paying huge fees up front?

You need clear unbiased facts about the divorce process in Virginia before you make expensive mistakes. But, if you’re like many women going through divorce, your finances are likely stretched, and you are probably hesitant to meet with an attorney.

That’s why we offer low-cost monthly divorce seminars for significantly less than the cost of a one hour consultation.

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Sheera’s Second Saturday seminar was informative and empowering

Sheera Herrell is very informative and empowering. She spoke clearly, was a knowledgeable and passionate speaker.

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Katie is helpful at Second Saturday Seminars

Katie Carter was open to questions and answered everything on the spot. Lots of resources and great information. I’m going to try the do-it-yourself separation agreement in the next couple months.

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Sheera is upbeat, educational Second Saturday presenter

I think I’ll further educate myself with a few more seminars and read the book so I can retain a lawyer for my son and I. I felt as if the seminar opened my eyes and understanding to a bigger picture. I really liked the way Sheera spoke to us. Great humor and upbeat.

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The Seminar Was Really Helpful

The seminar was really helpful. I gained a lot of knowledge on separation and custody. I really appreciate all of your help. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to inform women on their rights in divorce and separation.

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Divorce Seminars are offered at three different times every month. Choose the day and time that works best for you. Register for $39.99 once and attend as often as you need at any of the dates and times available.

2nd Saturday

Lorna Rhoades

Starts: 8:30 AM

Ends: 10:00 AM

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3rd Tuesday

Ashli Pack

Starts: 6:00 PM

Ends: 7:30 PM

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3rd Thursday

Katherine Wilcox Carter

Starts: 12:00 PM

Ends: 1:30 PM

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