Lori A. Michaud

Attorney at Law

1604 Hilltop West Executive Center

Suite 300

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Meet Lori

Lori joined the Hofheimer Family Law after building her solo practice in Virginia Beach. She has experience with complex custody, support and equitable distribution matters, as well as domestic violence matters. She is a seasoned and comfortable litigator, but will always do her best to resolve matters that can be fairly resolved because she knows that settlements allow the parties to craft a resolution that truly works for their family! Lori is also trained to handle collaborative divorces.

Having weathered her own divorce -- which rendered Lori a single mom -- and relocating to Virginia to build a new life with her son, Lori understands all too well what a toll custody and divorce litigation can take on a family! She will help you to keep your head up as you walk through your own family law issues! Being a single mother was a very demanding path, but one that helped her find strength she didn't know she had, as well as some great rewards along the way!

She also brings a level of financial savvy to her practice, having handled complex commercial litigation matters before finding her niche in family law. "I love helping women go through the process and discover their strengths! My clients inspire me to keep doing my best -- and watching them succeed is very rewarding!"

After graduating from High School at the age of sixteen, Lori earned a BA from Rutgers College, where she was a NJ Bell scholar, and her law degree from Rutgers University School of Law, where she was a Philip J. Levin Scholar. She interned for the Honorable Maryanne Trump Barry, Judge on the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey and then clerked for the Honorable Murry D. Brochin, Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey. She was associated with the law firms Greenberg Dauber & Epstein in Newark New Jersey and with Pitney Hardin Kipp & Szuch, a predecessor to Day, Pitney now located in Parsippany, New Jersey, before opening her own practice following the birth of her son.

Lori's son is now "grown and flown" and she could not be prouder of him! As an empty nester, Lori is finally finding time to "catch up with herself" and to re-establish hobbies that she has not had time to enjoy for years. When she is not chained to her desk or killing it in the courtroom, Lori enjoys biking, exploring, and swimming! She is also an avid reader and loves to cook for family and friends!

Lori’s Reputation

Though we can’t guarantee results, and every case is different, we’ve had some pretty happy clients over the years!

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Lori really helped me

Lori was informative, yet compassionate. She was professional, yet personable. I cannot think of any way to improve the service I received.

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She helped me see that I was being naive

Lori has a great set of skills that leave you feeling “heard,” supported, and protected. She appears very confident and compassionate and she helped me see that I was being naive without actually saying so.  I feel that Lori is very competent and will work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for me. My initial interaction with your firm left me feeling that I am in very capable hands. Lori helped me to see some of the dangers of continuing to be manipulated by my husband. I left her office feeling stronger in my decision to choose a healthier future.

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Lori was honest with me

Her tough love was helpful in making my decisions.

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Lori addressed all of my needs

She was very knowledgeable and empathetic. I would recommend her to anyone that needed help.

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Everything that could’ve gone right, did go right

Lori was very helpful in understanding about getting the process started. She was able to cover everything. If I wasn’t able to understand something she would explain it a different way so that I would be able to understand. She understood my situation.

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Lori worked hard for us

…Thank you for all of your hard work and patience with our case.

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Lori is an amazing lawyer

…You did a GREAT job (as always) … Please know how much I appreciate everything you did – you’re an amazing lawyer …

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I am grateful for Lori’s effort

…Thank you for all of the work that you had done on my behalf. You made a difficult situation easier. I am very grateful for all of your effort.

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We got a great result

Lori’s whole team was responsive to my needs from day one. They worked around my disabilities and always kept me informed of everything, usually the same day. Lori really knew her way around the courtroom, too. We got a great result and they were always fair to me. I have gone back to them for several matters over the years and I always got a great result and they were always good to me. I would recommend Lori Michaud to anyone — and I do!

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I do recommend her to others

In any profession it is hard to find someone you like and have confidence in their abilities as a professional. Ms. Michaud is one of those rare people. When you’re in a family mess, you need someone who is sensitive to the severe emotional drain this puts on you, but is also capable of keeping you on track to make sure that you get the results you need. Hopefully, I’ll never need her services again, but I do recommend her to others whose lives have been turned upside down.

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We are so grateful

Lori really took the “stress” out of what was a stressful situation for my family. We are so grateful for her help.

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I expected a sharp and honest attorney and Lori was and more

She gave me an exceptional example of how she would potentially perform the job as my attorney and she showed everything I feel I need in my attorney. She was honest and professional. That is one of the reasons I am actually hiring Lori. I expected a sharp and honest attorney and she was and more. Your office is beautiful, professional looking, warm atmosphere, and the secretary is funny and very helpful. I had a great experience at the office, thank you for having a warm and accepting staff. I came in with lots of concern and Lori addressed everything I asked (I had a lot). Thanks for a soft place to land in this hectic situation.

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Lori really understood

Lori really understood the special needs of my son when she obtained his legal guardianship for me.

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Patient through this process

Lori has been so patient with me through this process, and has kept the bills down because I needed them to be. Thanks, Lori!

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Thank you

Thank you for your savvy advice…

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Lori made me feel my case was very important

Lori always made me know that my case was important and that I was understood! This really came through when we were in Court. She also works hard to keep my bill down. What more could I ask for?

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Thank you for all you did for us!

On behalf of my granddaughter, my great-grandson and myself, thank you for all you did for us. If we should ever need the service of a family attorney in Virginia, believe me you will be the one we would call upon. Of course if any of my friends or relatives should need your service I would not hesitate to recommend you. Thanks again.

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With Lori’s help we were able to navigate the court system

Lori has done a great job of helping me navigate the various courts I have had to litigate in when my husband became violent. Thanks to Lori, my kids and I are safe!

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She gave me good advice

I always felt that Lori and her staff were 100% on my team. This really helped me through this difficult time in my life. She always gave me good advice and actually returns calls and responds to emails!

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Lori took on CPS

Lori took on CPS for me and was able to get my daughter and I back in our home when false abuse accusations were made. I am so grateful!

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She helped protect my assets

Lori did a GREAT job for me in my divorce. In less than six months, she successfully excluded over half a million dollars worth of my separate assets from distribution due to her diligent review – without even the expense of an expert witness! I highly recommend her to anyone that has assets to protect!

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Lori helped keep my reputation intact

Lori not only got me divorced in a very favorable settlement, but she managed to keep a lid on a certain ‘delicate matter’, preserving my reputation in the community.

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I couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks for doing an outstanding job on my case to have custody, visitation and support decided in my home state instead of Virginia after I separated from military service. I couldn’t have done it without you! Things are looking good here in our home state. I do appreciate your outstanding work and getting the issue resolved so quickly.

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I will forever be thankful

Lori did an incredible and amazing job throughout the whole process. Words can not express how truly appreciate your hard work and dedication has been to my son and I. I will forever be thankful. Thanks to you, my son and I are building a new life together surrounded by family and friends in our home state.

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Lori Michaud addressed my needs and concerns

I am a separated mom with two children. My consultation was a valuable use of my time. I plan on hiring Lori to represent me in my case.

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Lori Michaud gave me advice and she was passionate about her words

Ms. Michaud was amazing. I never felt pressured and when she gave me advice, she was passionate about her words. I didn’t feel judgement, but someone that cared about the best outcome. I went with questions and left with answers and empowerment. I was able to take the advice we discussed and go back to my spouse to renegotiate and got him to come to agreement. Based off my experience, this is a great firm.

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I have more confidence and believe I can turn my case around

Lori was straight forward and explained to me things my current lawyer from legal aid couldn’t. Even though I couldn’t afford their services, I believe the consultation was worth every penny.