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We’re a small, local, family owned law firm that is definitely at the head of the pack in terms of our innovative marketing programs and stellar representation of our clients. We represent women only in divorce and custody cases, and singlehandedly provide the majority of the resources available to women facing these kinds of cases. We offer four free books, What Every Virginia Woman Needs to Know About Divorce, Virginia Military Wives Guide to Divorce, What Every Woman Needs to Know Child Custody Guide and The Woman’s Guide to Selecting an Outstanding Divorce and Custody Lawyer. We also offer low-cost educational seminars on divorce and custody. If you’re inspired by advocacy for women or excited about working with cause-oriented attorneys, we are the place for you!

What we’re looking for

We’re always looking for the right fit, so we’re constantly interviewing attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, marketing specialists, and more to make sure we’re ahead of the curve. Simply put, we’re looking for rising stars!
We need to hire people who are personable, enthusiastic, empathetic, and motivated. We work hard, care deeply about what we’re doing, and are always trying to be better. Our ideal candidates are people who are willing to shoulder responsibility, think critically, speak kindly and compassionately, and work as an integral part of a close-knit team.

Does that sound like you? Maybe you should apply!

Do you have what it takes?

If you’re the person who will forget everything I just said in five minutes and definitely won’t remember which law firm you’re calling to set up an interview, we don’t want you. If you can’t keep an appointment, we don’t want you. If you aren’t innovative, creative, and willing to think outside the box, we don’t want you. If you need direction to complete small tasks, we definitely don’t want you.

Still, we know there are good, hard-working, innovative, intelligent candidates out there who are interested in taking on the kind of position that would allow their talents to really shine. Individuals who pride themselves on attention to detail, boast serious organizational skills, and are able to work diligently and consistently towards a number of different (but interrelated) goals should definitely apply.

The salary and benefits are flexible, but we have both full and part time positions available (and are sometimes even prevailed upon to create new, specific positions for amazing candidates).

A helpful hint…

It would be an awesome idea to Google Great Legal Marketing, “Hofheimer Family Law, Virginia Beach,” or attend one of our upcoming seminars ( to really get a feel for what we’re up to right now. Seriously, we’re looking for people who are really willing to go the extra mile.

To apply, email us. Remember, this is your first chance to make an impression, so you’ll want to spell correctly and use proper English (we’re sticklers here).

The subject line must be “I’m your future superstar!”

Your email should include a BRIEF paragraph (no more than half a page) detailing your experience and why we would be complete and utter fools not to hire you without reading any more applications. Please also attach a one page resume–but not the kind of resume career services told you to write back in college. Remember, this is a chance to market yourself–and we’ll be looking for that little extra something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

We’re really only looking for superstars; lackluster applicants need not apply.

Please don’t call us. Email only. We’re ready to hire, and soon!

To apply, email or view our current job openings on here.

We look forward to hearing from our next superstar!