Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

A little advice can go a long way. At Hofheimer Family Law Firm, because we are dedicated to representing women only in divorce and custody cases, we’ve got years of experience that will help you make the best decisions possible for yourself and your future. The issues that women face in divorce and custody cases are unique and constantly changing; you want guidance that will help you protect your family, your assets, and all the other things that are important to you. Experience in handling women’s issues in divorce is a must.

No matter where you are in the process, we can help you come up with a custom-tailored plan designed to meet your specific needs and take into account your priorities.


Separation is the first step. Whether you’re moving towards divorce or hope to eventually reconcile, we can help provide solid advice about what you should be doing now to protect yourself later.


Divorce isn’t easy, but having a team of professionals on your side will help make things a whole lot easier. Rest easy at night knowing that our team of trained legal professionals is there to guide you through the minefield, present you with all your options, and handle whatever your husband might throw at you. We’re as comfortable negotiating agreements as we are in the courtroom, and we’ll help make sure you get the result you deserve.

Military Divorce

If you or your husband is serving our country in the armed forces, your divorce is unique. You need an attorney with experience dealing with the “alphabet soup”. We’re very familiar with how to handle military retirement, TSP, SBP, and BAH in divorce. It matters!

Child Custody

Our attorneys work exclusively to help make sure that Virginia moms get and keep custody of their kids. We’re familiar with the special nature of a mom’s relationship with her child, and have experience dealing with cases that present unique issues, like breastfeeding, homeschooling, physical or sexual abuse, relocation, military deployment, and cases with children with special needs.

Spousal Support

Money matters! Because we know you need to have the resources available to do what you need to do, whether that means just keeping the lights on and food on the table, or if you’re hoping to better yourself by going back to school or pursue some alternate career path, we advocate to get women the most support possible.