Collaborative Divorce

Virginia Beach divorce lawyers guiding you through a peaceful divorce

Divorce is an experience that will impact your family in a profound way. The process may leave you feeling emotionally battered and drained, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Virginia women’s divorce attorneys at Hofheimer Family Law Firm offer a solution – collaborative divorce – that seeks to minimize the trauma and stress that you and your family might typically experience in the divorce process.

What is collaborative divorce?

A collaborative divorce is essentially a no-court divorce process that provides you with a dignified approach to your divorce, giving you more control over your future.

A woman-focused collaborative divorce is free of the lengthy, contentious court battles that can tear apart a family and disrupt your life. Instead, our Virginia divorce lawyers and a team of collaborative professionals will guide you through a more amicable divorce process.

The collaborative divorce process in Virginia

A collaborative divorce in Virginia is virtually court-free. The only required court appearance is a brief, uncontested hearing where you and your former spouse will finalize your divorce agreement.

A collaborative divorce will focus on two main priorities:

Your child’s well-being; issues of Virginia child custody, child support and child visitation will be discussed.
Your financial security; ensure a fair distribution of marital property, provide information about protecting your assets and establish spousal support.

Is collaborative divorce right for you?

A Virginia collaborative divorce works best under certain situations and circumstances. Listed below are a few indicators that a collaborative divorce might be a positive choice for you and your spouse:

You both agree and accept that the marriage is at an end.
There is no issue of abuse or intimidation in the relationship.
You want your children to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with both you and your spouse.
You believe that you and your spouse will be able to compromise in some aspects of the divorce.

Our Virginia collaborative divorce team guides you through the process

If you opt for a Virginia collaborative divorce, in addition to your respective Virginia divorce attorneys, you will work with a team of collaborative professionals who are specially trained to help you achieve the best solutions.

Your Virginia collaborative divorce team may consist of:

Child specialist – Ensures that your child’s needs and fears are addressed and given a strong voice throughout the divorce process.
Financial specialist -Will explain to you, in easy-to-understand terms, what your current financial situation is and what options are available to you.
Divorce coach – To help you to navigate difficult emotional issues and to stay focused and committed to the goal of an amicable divorce solution.

Because some of the specialists are neutral, you and your spouse can share experts, saving money in the process.

Contact a Virginia collaborative divorce expert today

While we know that a collaborative divorce can’t eliminate the pain associated with the dissolution of a marriage, the Virginia women’s divorce attorneys at Hofheimer Family Law Firm want to help you to achieve a peaceful and successful resolution that will enable you and your children to move on with your lives and look ahead to the future.

Begin the process of your collaborative divorce today and get closer to starting your new life with peace of mind. Contact the attorneys at Hofheimer Family Law Firm today – (757) 703-4858.