Ashli Pack

Attorney at Law

161 Walt Whitman Ave

Newport News, VA 23606

Meet Ashli

Having been around for her own parents’ divorce, Ashli understands uniquely the circumstances involved in family law cases, and brings the necessary experience, empathy, and understanding to her practice.

A lifelong Virginian, Ashli joined our team after practicing with Crook & Pack, a general litigation firm located in Smithfield, Virginia. Ashli brings to the firm a great deal of experience in Suffolk, Smithfield, Isle of Wight, Newport News, Hampton, and York County. Having grown up in Suffolk and spent the majority of her post-law school life living in Smithfield, she has a familiarity with the courts and the judges in that area that can’t be beat.

Ashli received her undergraduate education at East Carolina University, and attended law school at Widener College of Law in Delaware. At the time, she says she was hoping to eventually practice corporate law, but then realized she absolutely hated it! She returned back home after law school, to the practice where she originally worked as a paralegal and discovered her love of family law cases—divorce, custody, protective orders, adoptions, and more.

Ashli married her high school sweetheart, Brian, a lifelong Smithfield native. Brian is a co-owner of Smithfield Station, the Surry Seafood Company, and 37 North, which is currently in development on Fort Monroe.

Together, Ashli and Brian have two kids, Turner and Lucy, and two Labrador retrievers, Lucky (called, for whatever reason, Bobo), and Wilbur. Ashli jokes that, at this point, her hobbies are actually her kids’ hobbies. Lucy, a preteen, is super crafty and loves her Cricut. Turner, on the other hand, is an athlete who loves baseball, basketball, and football.

For her part, Ashli loves the outdoors, but especially boating, paddleboarding, the beach and skiing, her newest interest.
Ashli spends much of her time managing her active family, and you’re likely to find her shuttling kids from t-ball to soccer and piano lessons. Ashli also loves sushi, skiing, Commanders football, and beating her husband in cornhole tournaments.

Though we can’t guarantee results, and every case is different, we’ve had some pretty happy clients over the years!

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Ashli helped me see that I am done!

Ashli was just really attentive and got my brain considering options I hadn’t before. Now I’m not going to wait two years. She didn’t gasp at anything, but she allowed me to realize how over his mistreatment I really am. Also, I didn’t feel pressured to do anything. I was planning on waiting 2 years to get out of this horrible”marriage,” turns out I’m done now. I highly recommend this firm.

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All of my questions were answered by Ashli

Ashli listened to me, made me feel comfortable, and provided straightforward answers and expectations. I highly recommend her as a family law attorney.

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I feel more confident

I am a separated mom with one child. I feel confident after speaking with Ashli that she can help me with my case. She is easy to talk to and down to earth.

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Ashli listened to me

She listened without interruption, answered in layman’s language, was helpful in suggestions, and was not pushy. I had no complaints about consultation. I already know my requests and hoped-for outcome.

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Ashli listened to everything I had to say

Ashli listened to everything I had to say. I think at some parts I was maybe talking too much. However, she just let me talk and gave me great advice. I did not feel as if I was rushed. She was confident in what she could do for my case and I believe she will be able to get me the important things I’m worried about. She truly cared and was very confident. I feel as though she will fight for myself and my child in the courtroom. She also was being realistic in what I should expect. I appreciated that about her because she did not want me to have false hope. I’m excited to finally have an Attorney that cares and is confident. She is not going to give me false hope. Thus, I know when she says she’s going to get something done, it’s the truth!

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She listened to my concerns

Ashli was confident and very knowledgeable. She listened to my concerns and answered all my questions.

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Ashli was very knowledgeable

She gave good ideas on how to move forward in resolving my issue. This was a valuable use of my time, I am retaining her to help me out.

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She is helping me through a tough situation

Ashli was very helpful. She showed great empathy and concern.

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Ashli was knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly

Ashli listened to me and addressed my needs and concerns. My case seems pretty clear cut and she took extra care to make sure I felt at ease with the process. She also provided some advice on how to approach my finances prior to the separation agreement.

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I was talking to someone who genuinely cared about me

Ashli was amazing. She listened to my entire situation, answered all of my questions, and offered valuable insight. Ashli was very warm and engaging. She made me feel like I was talking to someone who genuinely cared about me and my situation rather than just a client. Her demeanor made it very easy to talk about my options and to ask my questions without feeling uncomfortable, and without feeling like I was being rushed or was just another person in a long list of clients. This firm has been wonderful to deal with.

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She made me feel so comfortable

Ashli listened without cutting me off. I had a lot to say, and I realized that some of it may not have been relevant, but I wasn’t sure. I just wanted to say everything I wanted to say, and have my attorney decide what information was relevant, and she made me feel comfortable doing that. I feel like I have made progress towards getting my divorce.

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There was no one else who I’d have represent me

Ashli listened and asked questions to get a better idea of what was going on. I am extremely satisfied. I used this firm to complete my divorce and had a very easy process. I knew when my ex-husband served me with a summons to adjust things there was no one else who I’d have represent me. The firm has value and morals they stand on and it’s important to know that as I go through this situation!

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No Judgement

Ashli was nice and was very approachable. She also did not judge me. The first impression she made was very important. I intend to hire her to help me through my divorce.

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Scary Husband

Ashli made feel better about this situation I am in! My soon to be ex husband is good at scare tactics and Ashli was very helpful. I look forward to working with the team.

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Best Plan of Action

Ashli told me the best plan of action and helped me understand the process. This was a very valuable use of my time. She did exactly what she said she would, and in 30 minutes. I have already retained her!

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I thought Ashli was amazing.

I thought Ashli was amazing. I have met with many attorneys because I wanted someone that will fight for my children as if they were their own children to save them from abuse and molestation. I saw that in her…she presented herself very well. She was very eager to get to work.

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Ashli understands my unique situation

Ashli is intelligent and I didn’t feel like she was irritated that I was there.  She understands my unique situation, this was a very valuable use of my time. 

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Amazing advice for next steps

Ashli was nice, kind, and she sympathized with my situation. Just the initial visit makes me want to recommend anyone to this law firm. Very understanding and listens intently but also gives amazing advice for the next steps to take so the process goes faster.

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Same Day Appointment

I had with me most of the paperwork to get the divorce reply to his contested divorce started, but had not organized it at all. Ms Pack was patient with her questions and was able to find the information she needed to file the response. She took my appointment the same day and has been very responsive to my questions. She was kind and gentle to me in my emotional state and was very knowledgeable about the kind of divorce proceedings that I could be facing.