Katherine Wilcox Carter

Attorney at Law

1604 Hilltop West Executive Center

Suite 300

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Meet Katherine

Two abusive relationships ultimately brought Katie to the firm back in 2011. The first was the marriage of a member of Katie’s extended family. As a child, Katie – like many annoying and precocious children the world over – dreamed of being an attorney, mostly so that she could preside over the divorce action between the two. (They’re still unhappily married, and Katie is, fortunately for all, both older and wiser than this today.)

The second was an ex-boyfriend who Katie dated for several years before she met her husband, Jonathan.

Today, Katie splits her time working both as an attorney and as the firm’s Director of Marketing. In the last decade, she has helped to write, revise, and create new versions of each of our four books, written thousands of blog posts, spoken at numerous live events, delivered at least one Second Saturday seminar a month, planned and executed dozens of Girl’s Night Out events, moderated the HofLaw VIP Facebook page and recorded our podcast, the HofLine.

A lifelong resident of Hampton Roads, Katie grew up in Newport News, Virginia, where her family owns Wilcox Bait & Tackle, an outdoor sporting goods store. From there, she attended law school at West Virginia University College of Law. A chance encounter with Charlie Hofheimer led Katie to Hofheimer Family Law, even though no one else at the firm knew she had been hired when she showed up to work one Monday in August 2011.

Katie and her husband, Jonathan, a tug boat captain, live in Newport News with their two kids, their absolutely perfect Labrador retriever, Sally Eugenie, and directly next door to Katie’s sister, brother-in-law, their three kids, and two crazy puppies. If it sounds crazy, it is – but it’s also a dream come true, especially for Katie and her sister. (Fortunately, the husbands are quite tolerant.)

Together, Katie and Jonathan spend a lot of time outdoors fishing, boating, and playing with their kids. Katie also loves hot tea, reading, gardening (with an emphasis on Virginia native plants), traveling (and planning to travel), and being asleep by 9 pm.

Though we can’t guarantee results, and every case is different, we’ve had some pretty happy clients over the years!

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Knowledgeable and Empathetic

She was knowledgeable and empathetic to my situation. She presented the necessary information clearly for a complex situation.

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I received detailed information that I have had difficulty getting elsewhere

Katie exceeded my expectations! She listened, she answered all my questions and provided information that didn’t know I needed. I am know more confident that I will be ok after divorce. She genuinely showed me that she cared about me and my well being. She didn’t withhold information and I am now better prepared to move forward.

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Knowledgable in Family Law

Katie struck me as knowledgeable in family law. I appreciated her expression of empathy and am certain she will act in my best interest. I like that you only represent women.

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One Hundred Percent Geared Towards a Woman and Her Needs

Katie was very warm. She was able to answer the questions that I had in a way that was easy for me to understand. It was almost strange to be associated with a professional entity that was 100% geared towards a woman and her needs. Even the directions to your law firm was extremely female oriented. Good job!

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Allayed my concerns

Katie listened and was supportive. The consult allayed many of my concerns and affirmed much of what I thought I already knew. She was clear, knowledgeable and advising.

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Felt at Ease

She made me feel much more at ease about the process, and spent time getting to know me as a person at the same time.

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Thank You For All The Help!

I like the seminar.  The speaker was very clear and friendly.  I would like to come back to the next seminar.  I wish I could have come before.  Thank you for all the help!

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Katie Is Terrific!

Katie is terrific!  Wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable, and answered specific questions regarding military and civilian pensions.  Huzzah to the firm and Katie’s commitment to helping women!

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Katie is helpful at Second Saturday Seminars

Katie Carter was open to questions and answered everything on the spot. Lots of resources and great information. I’m going to try the do-it-yourself separation agreement in the next couple months.

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Katie was thorough at Second Saturday Seminar

Katie was very thorough and willing to answer all questions. Extremely informative.