April Custody Bootcamp for Moms

Posted on Mar 23, 2016 by Katie Carter

There are very few things quite as terrifying as a pending custody case. Not knowing what is going to happen to your children (and knowing full well that whatever does happen is almost entirely out of your control) is anxiety inducing, to say the very least.
Most moms have a (healthy?) dose of momma bear inside them, and custody cases bring it out in full force. It’s totally understandable, but it definitely makes putting on an effective, persuasive, and concise custody case difficult.
The truth is that not all moms can afford to hire an attorney to represent them in their custody cases. Though there’s no question that all moms have the same love for their children and terror at the thought of an unwelcome outcome, there’s also no question that, when given the choice between providing food and a roof over their child’s head or hiring an attorney, most moms have to choose the former.
It’s also true that there are very few free or pro bono resources out there to help Virginia moms handle custody cases. Not very many attorneys (and none that I personally know of) are able to take on entire contested custody cases pro bono. There are a lot of reasons for that, which really are outside the scope of this article, but that’s not to say that we don’t understand, sympathize, or wish that there was something more we could do to help Virginia moms protect their children.
That’s why we created Custody Bootcamp for Moms. It’s an intense, all day seminar, designed to teach moms (with no law degree) how to take on their own custody cases at the juvenile court level. Whether your case relates to child custody, support, or visitation, we’ll teach you all about how these cases typically progress, what to expect, and how you can begin to prepare for your day in court.
Just because you can’t afford to hire an attorney doesn’t mean you need to walk into the courtroom without an idea what to expect, or what the judge is looking for when he makes a decision in a custody case!
Custody Bootcamp for Moms is taught by Kristen Hofheimer and Caitlin Walters, attorneys from our firm who handle tons of custody cases.  The seminar starts at 9am, and lasts until the last woman’s last question is answered. It covers all sorts of super important topics, including:
• The ten all important custody factors that you MUST address (and the judge must consider when reaching his opinion);
• How to give killer opening and closing arguments;
• How to question and cross examine witnesses (and survive being questioned and cross examined yourself!);
• What the laws about custody in Virginia say, and how to ask for what you really want;
• How to work with custody evaluators, judges, attorneys, and Guardians ad litem;
• How to get your good evidence in (and keep his bad evidence out!);
• How to prepare and organize a trial notebook;
• What to discuss and what to avoid;
• What to wear, how to address the judge, and when to sit and stand in court; and
• So much more.
There’s no other seminar like it for moms in Virginia, and no comparable seminar for dads facing custody cases. If you can’t afford an attorney, that doesn’t mean you have to walk into court unprepared, and hope that the judge sees that you’re an awesome mom. Learn the tips and tricks of experienced Virginia custody attorneys—straight from their mouths. Ask them questions about custody cases, and figure out how to plan for the day when you have to stand up in front of the judge and ask for custody.
The cost to attend the seminar is just $197, which is less than the cost of one hour with a moderately priced local attorney. It includes all the attorney’s time, questions and answers, a workbook, and lunch.
For more information about Custody Bootcamp for Moms or to register to attend, click here. To request a copy of our free report, “Can I REALLY Represent Myself in a Custody Case?” click here. For more information, or to talk to us about Custody Bootcamp, give our office a call at (757) 425-5200.