Caitlin Walters

Attorney at Law

1604 Hilltop West Executive Center

Suite 300

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Meet Caitlin

After a lengthy struggle with infertility, including IUI and IVF, Caitlin Walters and her husband, Lance, welcomed their son to the family. Convinced that they were called to bring another child into the world, they started to look into other options to complete their family before finally settling on adoption. They brought their daughter home in 2022, and finalized their open adoption in March of 2023.

Though Caitlin would still welcome more children to the family, if the opportunity presented itself, the strong likelihood is that her family – once so earnestly prayed for – is complete. Caitlin is grateful every day for her children, husband, friends, and faith, and the role that each played in her long and complicated journey through motherhood so far.

Professionally, too, motherhood is a central focus for Caitlin. She joined our team in 2013 after training and practicing as a Guardian ad litem, an attorney who represents the children whose parents are involved in contested custody cases, and ultimately makes recommendations regarding appropriate placement for the children based on the best interests of the child factors.
Though she doesn’t currently do Guardian ad litem work, she brings this experience to the table in the custody cases she has handled in the past decade with our firm. Caitlin particularly enjoys representing Virginia moms in custody cases, especially in cases where breastfeeding, relocation, drug and/or alcohol abuse, and mental illness are factors. She has been featured in several of episodes of the HofLine, the official Hofheimer Family Law Firm podcast, on issues related to custody and visitation.

Caitlin is a knowledgeable but approachable attorney who is as comfortable drafting documents regarding complicated property distribution or handling complex military divorces as litigating custody arrangements in front of a judge. Caitlin is a fierce advocate for her clients and a meticulous and incredibly detail oriented attorney. Both her faith and her journey to build her family inform her practice every single day, and her favorite part of the job is helping women navigate this difficult time in their lives and come up with creative solutions that allow them to be the kinds of moms to their children that they always wanted to be.

“I think it’s important that women find representation by people who know the law but also care about them as individuals, and understand that there is a lot more than just the ‘legal’ stuff that goes into a divorce or custody case for our clients,” Caitlin says.
Caitlin is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Lance, a gregarious former DJ turned IT services and staffing account manager, who she met when she was just 16 years old. She Lance live in Virginia Beach with their two kids and their Weimaraner, Carp. They are also active members in their church, First Baptist Church of Norfolk, where they run an adult life group and lead worship regularly, which they have done together since they were in high school.

In her spare time, Caitlin enjoys reading and music. She was a member of her church choir from the age of 3, and can also play the trumpet and the piano. Caitlin loves the St. Louis Cardinals, her Kindle, swimming, traveling, being with her family, and being outdoors (except the beach/sand, which she hates).

Though we can’t guarantee results, and every case is different, we’ve had some pretty happy clients over the years!

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Caitlin listened to me

I felt at ease speaking with Caitlin. She seemed to understand what I needed and that I wanted this complex process to go as smoothly as possible. Caitlin listened well. She understood my concerns and addressed my questions. Caitlin also told me about options that would fit my scenario. We were a good match for listening and talking about what I wanted. I cannot imagine what could’ve been improved. All points of contact were friendly and helpful. I have nothing but positive thoughts about this experience so far.

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Caitlin knows the law

I believe Caitlin knew the law and was able to put most of my concerns to rest. She really addressed things that I was worried about.

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Caitlin Walters was knowledgeable and honest

I am specifically looking for an attorney with military divorce knowledge and experience. Caitlin listened with understanding. I attended a Saturday session years ago. This helped me understand the one on one process w/moving forward. I am working on collecting the money needed for the retainer and looking forward to working with this team.

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Caitlin made me feel at ease

I am a working mom with two beautiful girls. It was very easy to make an appointment with the firm. Caitlin Walters was very helpful in explaining how things would look depending on the situation and cooperation of my spouse. I have a good feeling about the firm’s values.

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Caitlin is empathetic

I am a mom of 3 boys going through a divorce. Caitlin is a mom too and understands the baby phase. It was helpful that she listened to me.

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Caitlin remembered me

I am a previous divorce client with a child from my first marriage. I knew her from years before and she remembered me. Her kindness and support will allow me to go through this more easily.

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Caitlin was very helpful

She was wonderful. She answered lots of my questions. The consult was so helpful that I am going to retain her.

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Caitlin had good attention to detail

Caitlin was very knowledgeable and was very easy to talk to. Very pleasant. I feel confident that she will take good care of my case. I left the consultation feeling like I was taken seriously, and that Caitlin cared about what I was going through.

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I wish I’d known about this firm when I was getting divorced 9 years ago…

Caitlin was very clear and efficient and understood what I was going for immediately. I loved the speed with which I was able to get her help! She was friendly and efficient and I felt immediately that we were on the same page. I am confident she will move on my issue speedily. I am confident that I am on my way to solving a longstanding issue with a very competent lawyer. I called on Monday and I was able to speak to Caitlin on Tuesday – about 24 hours later! That’s amazing!

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She listened to my needs

Caitlin was very open and honest on what I need to do to protect myself during this difficult time.

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She is a very smart lady

Caitlin made me feel important and she took her time to explain everything to me when I had questions. She is a very smart lady, very good and detailed. I like the fact that the law firm represents females only.

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Caitlin put me at ease

Caitlin Walters was personable, knowledgeable, confident, and put me at ease with the situation. She was wonderful! I highly recommend her and plan on hiring.

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I feel prepared to go to my court date

Caitlin was extremely helpful! She couldn’t have been more helpful over the phone than if I had been able to be there in person. She even brought it to my attention that I needed to send in my interrogatories by a certain date or I could be penalized. I feel prepared to go to my court date and feel confident in what I need to say to the judge.

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She made me feel more confident and positive

Caitlin presented at the 2nd Saturday seminar I attended. It was very informative and helped me understand the crucial elements in divorce, what to expect and made me feel more confident & positive with representation from Hofheimer firm. Caitlin covered everything I wanted to know, she was very responsive and answered the questions I had correctly. I so appreciated the information shared.

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I received the correct answer to my question and heard valuable facts

I attended the 2nd Saturday seminar and found Caitlin to be very informative. I had been asking questions about divorce, researching online, and I found I would hear many different answers. Coming to the seminar, I received the correct answer to my question and heard valuable facts. Caitlin was clear and she delivered the information in a personable way I related to. She also gave great examples. I may come back!

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I believe these women could help any woman succeed in her case!

Caitlin outlined many options for me and was extremely helpful. I got a lot of valuable information, including an understanding how a separation agreement works. She was very focused on my needs and rights. She listened attentively and made me feel secure in her advice.  My goal is to move out of state, which will be complicated, but she made these options easy to understand and weigh.

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I felt like she really listened to my questions

There’s nothing I didn’t like about this firm. Caitlin is awesome! They offer so many services and the attorney I met with was great. I felt like she really  listened to my questions and was on my side about how I wanted to handle things going forward.

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Nice and professional

I’m a going though a separation. I met with Caitlin and she was professional and to the point. I liked the information and felt comfortable enough to hire her.

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The Husband Lies

I felt comfortable talking with Mrs. Walters and Lorna. If they had not advised me to go to the spousal support hearing I would have missed out on the small amount of support I was awarded. However, I am grateful to be awarded any amount. Mrs. Walters remembered me from the seminar, helped me put some significant points in my agreement and educated me on the next steps to take toward the divorce process. They educated me very well about what to expect. Although, he did sign the agreement I did not because my spouse HAD NOT filed his malpractice case and my attorney advised me not to sign. I was surprise he had not filed because he had been telling me that they were about to settle the case. As your book said the Husband LIES.

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Comfortable with my plan

Caitlin listened and heard me and what I am hoping to achieve. I felt comfortable with the plan(s) I left with.

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She was very knowledgeable and made me feel very welcomed

Caitlin was very welcoming and attentive to my requests and questions in regards to the divorce.  She helped me understand what was missing and what needs to be done to move forward with my divorce. She made me feel at ease with the current situation.

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She put my fears to rest

Caitlin immediately put my fears to rest. She listened answered my questions and gave me confidence that all was going to be right. Her quick manner at appraising the situation, checking and rechecking paperwork and confidence showed she knew what the next steps were to be. I needed quick answers and was able to get an immediate consultation. Felt there was honesty, thoroughness and confidence which I needed.

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Law firm gave me hope

I left feeling like Caitlin was thoughtful and genuine in her advice responses. She gave me advice on how to carry on from this point out… with or w/o retaining her services, she helped me at least get my head in the game. There were things that I hadn’t considered before, such as, I actually had to file for Custody and Visitation if I wanted to ask for time. This law firm gave me some hope and I felt like they did what they could to help me.

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My best interest in mind

Caitlin was an absolute joy to work with, she put me at ease and worked very hard to get all of my needs and wants written down. She was very knowledge and caring.  I felt she had my best interest in mind and was ready to do what ever needs to be done to help me in my situation.

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No unanswered questions!

Caitlin was considerate and knowledgeable. She was very understanding and explained everything very well, without making me feel uneducated. I didn’t leave the office with any unanswered questions.

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Very Helpful!

Caitlin was very informative and covered all aspects of the divorce process.  She was very helpful in answering questions and providing clarity to the group.  I am very grateful this seminar was available to women.  I’ve tried several attempts to seek legal guidance with unanswered questions and found little to no support from other firms without paying an upfront retainer fee.

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This Is Information I Have Not Received From Prior Lawyers

From Custody Boot Camp: 

How you present yourself in court is important and I was never coached on that.  This also lets me know what to expect of my lawyer.  I liked that Caitlin seemed to take her cases personally and not just as number.

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Nothing But Pure Awesomeness!

From Custody Bootcamp:

Invaluable information!  I’ve had three court appointed attorneys in the past three years and never knew how much of an injustice was being done to my case and what I am actually entitled to do.

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Very Patient

During the Second Saturday Seminar with Caitlin I learned how to organize myself better and learn how to protect the best interests of my daughter. I wish I had come a long time ago. This seminar will save you money and help prepare you from day one which is so important.

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The Second Saturday seminar with Caitlin was very informative and a positive and motivated move. She was nice and has a great personality. I feel less stressed and more motivated to move on with the task ahead.