Lorna Rhoades

Attorney at Law

1604 Hilltop West Executive Center

Suite 300

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Meet Lorna

Lorna Cobb Rhoades comes from a family of ten children. The eldest of four biological children, Lorna’s parents went on to adopt six more children – one from Korea, another through Catholic Charities, and four more through the foster care system in Pennsylvania.

Lorna interned with our office back in 2008, before life took her in about a million different directions – from Florida, where she attended law school, Georgia, and Arizona, before returning to Virginia. After seeing firsthand what neglectful and abusive situations can come out of the foster care system, and working with Richard Ducote, one of the country’s leading child abuse and domestic violence litigators, Lorna knew she wanted to focus her practice on family law.

Today, Lorna is married to Mick, a retired Navy flight officer, with whom she shares two young children, Gracie and Callan.
Lorna’s experience touches on a number of issues important to Hampton Roads women – as a Navy wife, she’s intimately acquainted with the specific issues military spouses face, and is comfortable navigating the tricky territory associated with military divorce law. In her work in the Pima County Attorney’s office, she worked in the mental health area (specifically authorizing involuntary commitments), which makes her particularly well informed when it comes to husbands with unique mental health issues. Obviously, too, her personal experience with adoption her legal experience with divorce and custody cases brings an interesting and valuable perspective.

Lorna is an experienced and confident litigator, having handled a number of full contested trials, as well as tons of contested custody, visitation, and support hearings. An ardent advocate for moms in the courtroom, She is also clever, quick, and comfortable in negotiations. Serving her client’s best interests is her first priority, and she does so with zeal, professionalism, and confidence, while still maintaining solid relationships with other attorneys and professionals in the field, including therapists, business evaluators, financial advisors, and other experts.

Lorna, Mick, and their children live in Chesapeake, near much of her extended family. Lorna is a passionate gardener and has built her own cut flower garden oasis in her backyard, where she grows David Austin roses, peonies, sweet peas, tulips, dahlias, and more. She makes beautiful floral arrangements – and has even tried her hand at a few wedding bouquets!
Lorna also volunteers with Healthy Journey, a small nonprofit for pregnant women, and works extensively with her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop. Lorna loves flowers, British history, fancy coffee and tea, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Lorna’s Reputation

Though we can’t guarantee results, and every case is different, we’ve had some pretty happy clients over the years!

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Lorna empowered me

I felt very listened to, empathized with, and considerately and adequately informed/answered. Lorna was the perfect mix of warmth/empathy and informative/factual. I also felt like she prioritized efficiency and consideration of the allotted time I feel so much more empowered with the information and hopeful that I have a chance to be protected and protect my son. I also am grateful to know what things to watch out for, regarding my ex, since there is no official separation agreement right now.

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Lorna is helping me through a tough time

I am a mom with two children from two dads. When I spoke to Lorna, she was realistic and patient. I am looking forward to her help in this process.

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Lorna is very kind

Lorna is making a very difficult time easier to navigate through. She’s kind, doesn’t tell me what I want to hear but what I need to hear, and was reassuring and understanding. I am a separated mom of 2 daughters and currently working on going through a divorce. She was very reassuring and kind.

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I feel confident after my consult with Mrs. Rhoades

Lorna was very kind and informative. She did not make me feel uncomfortable and made me feel like she was actually addressing my concerns, needs, and my interests. Previously I met with another attorney who made me feel uncomfortable about my situation and as though I was not entitled to anything. However, Mrs. Rhoades did not make me feel uncomfortable and made me feel like she was actually addressing my concerns, needs, and my interests. She was informative and encouraging. I learned a lot during my consultation and feel confident and comfortable moving forward with my divorce.

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Lorna addressed my concerns

I am a mother of two children and one grandchild. She was a great listener and very compassionate. She addressed all of my needs and concerns.

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She gave me many opinions and choose what would work for my life outcome

Lorna gave me good legal advice and opinions to work with. She is very knowledgeable and seemed to understand my situation. I like women lawyers that understand women’s needs.  Everything is going well, she gave me many opinions and choose what would work for my life outcome.

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Lorna was very easy to talk to

I was very pleased with my experience, I had a positive experience. She was very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease about my situation.

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I had a list of concerns and she addressed them all

Lorna Rhoades was very kind and understood my personal needs. She was concerned about my future and brought up things that I was not thinking about. I believe that she has my best interest at heart. All of my questions were answered, Mrs. Rhoades pointed out a lot of things that I was not aware of and was very understanding. It was not complicated to explain my situation and to be understood. I would want everyone to have the best legal representation.

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I left my appointment with all of my questions answered

Lorna was very kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable in an obviously stressful situation and spoke to me in a professional manner but with understanding and empathy. The staff in the office were friendly and kind as well. I left my appointment with all of my questions answered and feeling as good as possible about what may happen in my situation.

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A great asset to our case

As soon as I sat down to speak with Lorna Rhoades, she listened so intently and briefly reviewed supporting documentation to my case. Immediately I felt as if she was meant to be our attorney. And, by not retaining her a great asset to our case would be lost.

Lorna is knowledgeable about the law and personable. She really makes you feel like she cares about your voice and your children’s best interests. I felt, even though I had been with my attorney for 3 years, that in our current case my voice as a parent was not being accurately represented or recognized.

Your firm does a wonderful job with women. I can’t think of anything that would improve what you’re already doing.