Custody Boot Camp


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How to get child custody with or without a lawyer

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Registration opens at 8:30 AM
Bootcamp begins at 9:00 AM (lunch included)

If your child’s father seems ready to fight you for custody of your children, you’re probably terrified. Whether you can afford to hire an attorney or not, you’re wondering what you can do to protect them. Have you done enough? Is there something else you should be doing? What happens if you put your faith in something (or someone) and they fail? Do you have any other options? What are your rights as a mother?

Ultimately, no one knows your case or cares as much about it as you do, so why not handle your own custody case yourself or check up on your attorney, to make sure he’s doing everything he should be doing?

The idea of presenting a custody case in court, in front of a judge, while your child’s father insults you and questions your ability to parent your children, is overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. If you attend Custody Bootcamp for Moms, you’ll walk into the courtroom with your head held high.

Custody Bootcamp for Moms is the only seminar of its kind, designed to teach you about what it takes to put on a custody case, including:

  • The TEN critical custody factors you must know and the judge must consider.
  • How to question and cross examine witnesses.
  • When to sit and stand, what to wear, how to address the judge.
  • How to create a trial notebook.
  • How to get your evidence in (and keep his out).
  • The secrets of working with Guardians ad Litem and custody evaluators.
  • Top secret trial preparation tactics and techniques.

Let our experienced and trial-tested child custody lawyers work with you during this seven-hour seminar to prepare you to argue your own custody case in the Virginia courts.

The cost of attending Custody Bootcamp for Moms is less than the cost of a one hour consultation with a moderately-priced lawyer. For just $197, you’ll receive seven action-packed hours of intense preparation. There is no similar program for dads, so you’ll be sure to have an edge when you walk into the courtroom. There are only 50 spots available, so be sure to reserve yours today!

Reviews From Mental Health Professionals, Family Therapists, and Marriage Counselors

“Great information for women going through a custody case. This breakdown can help take the fear out of going to court for custody issues.”

“The seminar provided a wealth of information without overwhelming the ability to grasp the basics. The speakers were excellent in expertise,
presentation, and compassion.”

“I would absolutely recommend this seminar to others. Many women are going through custody battles and cannot afford to hire an attorney. This seminar equips women with the basic skills to advocate for themselves and be their own attorneys.”

“The seminar was wonderful.”

“This area is so needed in the community and it was a blessing that this
firm took the time and actually takes time annually and yearly to present these very necessary tools for moms who are in desperate need of counsel in custody battles!!!!

“Extremely well organized and executed. Good tips and strategies. Helpful to know what to expect when in court.”

“The information was given in an easy layperson style. Speakers had a
wealth of information which helps in preparing your case.”

“Kristen was great! Informative! Such a cohesive group!”

Reviews From Moms Who Were Empowered by Custody Bootcamp

“I would never have learned this much information about custody on my own,
and couldn’t have afforded to get it from my attorney.”

“The content goes into depth and provides excellent empowerment tools for
women. The presenters, support team, printed materials and audio resources
were excellent!”

“Information is always helpful in making one less fearful in life and less fearful in going to court.”