The “Cast of Characters” in Your Custody Case

When it comes to custody, there are a lot of people involved.

A lot of people who, besides the obvious participants (you, your child’s father, grandparents, and so on) have an opinion about what is in your child’s best interests. People who’ve never met your child (or have only met your child for a few moments) are going to make recommendations and decisions that will affect your parenting for months and even years to come.
Understanding who these people are and what their role will be very important for you in your upcoming custody case! Request a copy of our free report, “The Cast of Characters in your Custody Case” now to find out what you can expect.
You know you’re a good mother, but your child’s father has done everything he can to make you doubt yourself. In fact, he’s done pretty much everything he can to make everyone doubt you—friends, family members, acquaintances, the guardian ad litem, and on and on. Even though you know you always put your children first, you’re already your toughest critic and hearing so many unflattering things is hard on your self esteem. Deep down, you know you’ve done everything you could, always—but that doesn’t stop a little niggling voice of self doubt from rooting itself deep in you. As you prepare to face a custody case, your self esteem is at its lowest. You probably spend hours worrying about your case, whether you’ve hired an attorney or not, and how you’ll prepare for it. You know you’re a good mother—but how will you (and your attorney, if you’re represented by counsel) make sure that the court sees everything that you do? How do you make sure it’s not a he said/she said situation? You know court is all about the evidence, and you’ll need every iota you can find to make sure that your case is as strong as possible. Whether you’re representing yourself or have an attorney representing you, you’ll want to do everything you can to help make sure your case is as strong as possible on the day you walk into the courtroom. But who knows what a good mother you are? Obviously, a lot of what you do is witnessed only by you and the kids. But, if you really sit down and think about all the work you do, you might be surprised to realize how many people could be witnesses for you! Our free report, “The Cast of Characters in Your Custody Case”  is designed to help you identify those people with the kind of information that will be most critical for your Virginia custody case. As you begin to navigate the complicated web of custody cases in Virginia, the more information you have, the better—and this report can help make sure that you’re prepared for anything that might come your way! To request a copy of our free report, fill out the form and we’ll send you an electronic downloadable version right away, so that you can begin to take the specific, carefully calculated steps necessary to make sure that you’re prepared for what comes next.