Special Issues in Virginia Child Custody Case: Physical or Sexual Abuse

By Katherine Wilcox Carter

Special Issues in Virginia Child Custody Cases: Physical or Sexual AbuseSpecial Issues in Virginia Child Custody Cases: Physical or Sexual Abuse

There’s no limit to the things a mother would do to protect her child.

When a mother know or suspects that her child is suffering physical or sexual abuse at the hands of her child’s father (or someone with whom the child’s father allows the child to come into contact), anything can happen. As a mom, your number one job is to make sure that your child is protected, and to prevent these types of things from happening. But what do you do if it has happened? How do you protect your child now? And—even worse—how do you prevent your child’s father from having further contact (and the ability to do more damage) once you know or suspect that the worst has happened? Your child’s father denies anything has happened. He’s making you feel crazy, but you know something isn’t right. You know you need to take a stand—now—to protect your child. But…what do you do? How do you begin to prepare for the type of custody case you might be facing? Physical and sexual abuse cases aren’t easy. In fact, in the most severe cases, they bring up all sorts of issues and require additional experts, witnesses, and exhibits not necessary in your standard custody and visitation case. In reality, physical and sexual abuse cases are probably the most difficult (and time consuming and expensive) type of case we face. If you’re wondering how to begin to prepare to face a reunification case in Virginia, request a copy of our free report “Physical and Sexual Abuse in Virginia Child Custody Cases” by filling out the form below. You’ll receive an immediate copy emailed to you as a downloadable PDF. What will you learn in our physical and sexual abuse case report? We cover a variety of reunification-specific topics, including:
  • How do courts make a decision when physical or sexual abuse is a factor?
  • What to do when he wants time with the child
  • How to avoid losing an abuse case (yes, it’s possible to LOSE!)
  • How to plan to protect yourself and your children
  • What to expect in Virginia courts
Physical and sexual abuse cases are difficult, but if you’re up against a wall, the best first step you can take is to request your free copy of our free report on Physical and Sexual Abuse Cases in Virginia.