Girl’s Night Out — Kick Cancer’s Ass

Posted on Aug 11, 2015 by Katie Carter

My favorite thing about divorce is watching the transformation of a woman from who she is in the beginning of the process to who she becomes at the end of it. I know it’s difficult, sometimes expensive, and usually fairly time consuming, but a lot of good comes out of divorce, too.
As you’re no doubt already aware, marriage doesn’t always mean that life after “I do” is happily ever. When things in your marriage begin to wind down, it’s natural to feel a little panic at the idea of moving on and starting over.
That’s why we created Girl’s Night Out, our event series designed to give divorced and divorcing women the kick in the seat they need to get back out there, make new friends, network, and generally enjoy life.
They’re totally free to you—and we provide the food and drinks. You don’t have to be a current client, or, technically, even a woman preparing to face a divorce or custody case. You’re welcome no matter what, and we hope you’ll join us.
Our August event will be from 6-8pm on Thursday, August 27th at FireBrew in the Redmill Commons area of Virginia Beach. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and we’re really excited. Will you join us? Click here to pre-register ahead of time to let us know you’re coming. Not sure until the day of? No problem. Show up at the door. Bring a friend (or two!) if you’d like, too. Remember? You don’t have to be facing a divorce or custody case; it’s fun no matter who you are. Come join us! You won’t regret it.