What are some of the non-monetary contributions that can be factored into my Virginia divorce?

Posted on Jun 28, 2011 by Katie Carter

If you’re going through a Virginia divorce, you’ll likely want to work closely with a Virginia divorce attorney who can walk you through the process and act as your advocate. Your Virginia divorce attorney can also address any concerns you may have about your divorce, such as whether or not you’ll get spousal support in Virginia, and help with creating a settlement agreement.

When the courts are deciding how to distribute property in a Virginia divorce, they take into consideration all the non-monetary contributions you made to the family. If you put your career on hold and made managing the home one of your primary tasks, you may qualify for spousal support in Virginia.

Just because you may not have contributed monetarily to the family, doesn’t mean the courts don’t recognize all the non-monetary contributions you made before your Virginia divorce. Your Virginia divorce attorney can explain exactly what non-monetary contributions you’ve provided that may be taken into consideration during property division and the awarding of your possible spousal support in Virginia.

Many things you have done while maintaining the house, supporting your husband, and raising your children can be counted as non-monetary contributions, such as:

  • shopping for, planning, and cooking meals;
  • cleaning and laundry;
  • gardening, lawn care, and general maintenance;
  • bookkeeping, budgeting, and merchandise buying;
  • child care and counseling;
  • school activities, extracurricular activities, and chauffeuring;
  • errand running and event/vacation planning;
  • religious guidance and family counseling; and
  • career advising and promoting your husband’s career.

Make sure to discuss all the ways you’ve contributed to the family with your Virginia divorce attorney so that you can effectively demonstrate your non-monetary contributions to the courts, which will help you to fight for a fair amount of spousal support in Virginia.

Considering all you’ve done to help build a family and maintain a home, you deserve to fight for spousal support in Virginia to help you start your new life. Your Virginia divorce attorney can explain what factors the courts consider, and how you can protect your personal property and your future after you Virginia divorce.


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