What is parental alienation as it relates to issues of Virginia child custody?

Posted on Dec 26, 2010 by Katie Carter

Parental alienation happens when one parent turns the child against the other parent during a Virginia child custody case. Parental alienation is carried out by couples who are angry and bitter about their marriage ending, and who use their children as a way to hurt each other.

There are many behaviors that can fall under the heading of parental alienation, but all are designed to erode a child’s relationship with one parent, and force the child to choose sides during a Virginia child custody case.

For example, one parent might repeatedly tell the child negative things about the other parent, or find excuses to deny the other parent visitation.

Sometimes, parents use money and other material goods to try to buy the child’s love and loyalty, or will be indulgent with the child to make the other parent seem excessively strict by comparison.

Unfortunately, parental alienation is not uncommon, and legal professionals who handle Virginia child custody cases know the signs to look for. The best interests of the child are top priority in Virginia child custody cases; a parent who engages in parental alienation behavior will not be winning any favor in the eyes of the court.

While adults use parental alienation to get revenge on each other, the children are the ones who end up suffering. Children need reassurance and support to survive emotionally during their parents’ divorce. They should never be used as pawns in the drama that’s taking place between adults.

Since the process of Virginia child custody can be challenging enough without parental alienation, you’ll want a Virginia divorce attorney to help you throughout this entire stage of your divorce. If your ex is attempting to engage in parental alienation, your attorney can recognize its signs and collect evidence to demonstrate its effects to the courts.

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