Sheera R. Herrell

Attorney at Law

1604 Hilltop West Executive Center

Suite 300

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Meet Sheera

Sheera Herrell started practicing with Hofheimer Family Law Firm back in 1999 when she was a brand new graduate of Albany Law School. In fact, she and Kristen Hofheimer – daughter of firm founder Charlie Hofheimer – sat just a few chairs away from each other as they took the bar exam, though they were strangers at the time.

From the moment she started practicing, Sheera focused on representing women exclusively in divorce and custody cases. Sheera and Kristen worked together for twenty years, long after Kristen took over as one of the owners of the firm. After Kristen’s second breast cancer diagnosis, however, Sheera stepped in.

Sheera became managing partner of the firm in 2017, and owner in January of 2019, shortly before Kristen passed away.
Though Sheera had never intended or even wanted to be the owner of a law firm, she stepped up when it became clear that there was no other way forward. Since 2019, Sheera has navigated a pandemic and kept together the #BestTeamEver – something for which the team at Hofheimer Family Law Firm will be forever grateful to her for doing.

If there’s one thing to say about Sheera, it’s that she can handle anything, from unexpectedly taking ownership of an entire law firm, to delivering a baby in the car on the way to the hospital, and even handling some of the most complex and heavily litigated family law cases in Virginia. Yes, you read that right: she delivered her second baby in the car, by herself, while her husband sped along 1-264, trying desperately to help her reach the hospital in time.

Sheera’s clients have described her as a good listener, responsive, tough, and effective. One client even described her as a ‘kung fu’ fighter. Sheera’s goal is always to understand each client’s unique circumstances and provide efficient and effective representation.

Sheera has a diverse background, both legally and personally. As a collaboratively trained attorney, Sheera works closely with Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Tidewater. She’s also a skilled litigator, even successfully taking cases on to the appellate court level.

A Certified Financial Planner™, Sheera is exceptionally skilled at handling cases with complicated equitable distribution issues. She applies her considerable skills to obtaining the best financial settlements for her clients.

Sheera is a member of the Virginia State Bar, Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, Virginia Beach Bar Association, Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Tidewater, International Association of Collaborative Professionals and Virginia Collaborative Professionals. Sheera was selected for inclusion in Virginia Super Lawyers Rising Stars Edition 2008-2014, a Super Lawyer in 2015-2023, and is committed to providing all of her clients the personal attention they deserve.

Sheera and her husband live in Virginia Beach with their two children. Sheera is also a violist and a former member of Symphonicity, the Symphony Orchestra of Virginia Beach. She spends a lot of time watching her children play, and spending a lot of time traveling with her family to attend Champions League games (Tottenham, Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain) and USWNT. Sheera is also learning Portuguese in her spare time, loves Peloton, collecting recipes on Pinterest, volunteering with Tidewater Friends of Foster Care, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Sheera’s Reputation

Though we can’t guarantee results, and every case is different, we’ve had some pretty happy clients over the years!

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Sheera gave me information I never could’ve found

Sheera Herrell anticipated my questions almost before I could ask them. She provided thorough explanations of the process and my various options. The ease with which she presented the information and the fact that she made me feel completely comfortable. If or when I decide to proceed, I will definitely hire her. I just haven’t decided yet. There’s a lot to consider. I could never have found all this information on my own. She explained things rather than just presenting the facts. Although I have never sought a family law attorney, I believe I’m an excellent judge of character. To me, that is more important than some success rate.

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Ms. Herrell was knowledgeable

Ms. Herrell was very kind, she listened to what I had to say, and was responsive. Her kindness and knowledge were great and I think she will fight for my interests. I liked being able to have a video conference rather than coming in person to the law office – it was much more convenient.

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Sheera took time with me

I feel like she took the time to understand the issues. I have a blended family and co-parenting issues and I am positive that she can help me.

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Sheera helped answer all my questions

She helped me with a place to start as this was all new to me and never been through anything like this before. She listened to my concerns and helped me feel a little less stressed by the end of the meeting. I felt comfortable with her and I feel that she truly connected with my concerns for my children. This was all a very scary step as I was never expecting to go through this at my age. She listened to my concerns and I felt relieved just after my first consult.

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Sheera put my mind at ease

I learned some new things. She was logical and down to earth. I really felt like she listened. I am ready to get this done as quickly as possible. I was terrified and she put my mind at ease.

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I was comfortable talking to Sheera

She was very professional. As a woman, I felt very comfortable telling her my concerns. I feel she is capable of handling all of them. I’m hiring Hofheimer Family Law to represent me.

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Sheera is fighting hard for me

She understood my situation and the stress imposed by the whole process. She understood the errors in my divorce process as the duration of the process has gone on for so long.

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She responds to my requests

Thank you for all your help over the past year and a half. You have always been so prompt to respond to my requests and so understanding. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.

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Sheera has represented me in the past

Sheera has represented me, very successfully, in the past. She is compassionate and warm in person, yet tough and effective in the courtroom. I believe in getting out ahead of potential problems, which was the purpose of this consultation. I highly recommend her!

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Sharp as a tack

Sheera understood the facts and developed a plan that I am completely happy with. I have and will continue to recommended her whenever someone needs a divorce lawyer.

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Sheera was very informative and competent

She knew what she was talking about and showed me mistakes other legal professionals missed in my court filings. I was impressed with her knowledge and she laid out all of my options for me in a clear and concise way, which is exactly what I needed.

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Sheera was very personable, empathetic, sympathetic, and knowledgeable.

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My biggest regret is that I did not find Sheera sooner

My ex-husband, also an Attorney, can manufacture more loopholes and psychological backflips than any other 100 people I know – and Sheera handled him VERY well. The fact my divorce was granted on Halloween day could not have been more poetic. My biggest regret is that I did not find her sooner and my biggest relief is that she helped rescue me from a marital nightmare. I give her my highest respect and recommendation – and so do my parents and friends.

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Sheera Was Direct!

I like how Sheera was able to direct each question on a general note and explicitly explain each scenario to each individual’s circumstances. I like that the therapist spoke about our emotions and how to get them back in control. We can all be in control of what we will allow to effect us or not.

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The Seminar Was Really Helpful

The seminar was really helpful. I gained a lot of knowledge on separation and custody. I really appreciate all of your help. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to inform women on their rights in divorce and separation.

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I Want Her For My Divorce Lawyer!

In the Second Saturday seminar Sheera is very knowledgeable and I want her for my divorce lawyer! I don’t feel so blinded and she was very informative. I needed to hear information from the therapist and I will heed to her advice.

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Thank you to Charlie and Sheera

Dear Mr. Hofheimer,
My daughter and I have spent much time trying to obtain financial assistance for her and her twins. It was fruitless until we were recommended to your firm. Our initial consultation with you sparked hope. You seemed to be a man capable of getting a job done. You turned our case over to Sheera Herrell who reflected your reputation and firm in a most commendable way. She was accessible, knowledgeable of our case and quick to act. We felt represented and protected in a most fundamental way. Our family sends your firm a bouquet of gratefulness.

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Sheera Herrell recieves high praise

Sheera Herrell is a legal goddess among women and I have recommended her to numerous ladies. She maintained focus and strength when it was very difficult for me to maintain either. She will always have my complete respect. Forever I will be thankful for her counsel.

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Sheera’s Second Saturday seminar helped build woman’s confidence

The seminar taught me about the reality of the divorce process, building my confidence and trust during any difficult time. I will recommend this seminar to others.

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Sheera’s Second Saturday seminar was informative and empowering

Sheera Herrell is very informative and empowering. She spoke clearly, was a knowledgeable and passionate speaker.

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With the help of Charles Hofheimer and Sheera Herrell, a client was able to finally feel “represented and protected” after past “fruitless” efforts.

My daughter and I have spent much time trying to obtain financial assistance for her and her twins. It was fruitless until we were recommended to your firm. Our initial consultation with you sparked hope. You seemed to be a man capable of getting a job done. You turned our case over to Sheera Herrell who reflected your reputation and firm in a most commendable way. She was accessible, knowledgeable of our case and quick to act. We felt represented and protected in a most fundamental way. Our family sends your firm a boquet of gratefulness.