Special Issues in Virginia Child Custody Case: Relocation

Just because you’re in Virginia doesn’t mean that’s where you want to be. Whether you moved here for your child’s father’s job or because it was closer to his family or for some other reason, when things don’t work out between the two of you, one of the first things you may be feeling is a powerful desire to take the kids and move somewhere else. Whether somewhere else offers better job prospects or means that you’ll be closer to an extended support network of friends and family not available to you in Virginia, there are all kinds of reasons moms want to pack up and ship out—as soon as possible.

But is it that easy? In most cases, no—but relocation cases can take all sorts of different shapes and sizes depending on the specific issues in your case.

If you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to move with the kids, request a copy of our free report “Relocation in Virginia Child Custody Cases” by filling out the form. You’ll receive an immediate copy emailed to you as a downloadable PDF.

What will you learn in our relocation report? We cover a variety of relocation-specific topics, including:

  • Will I be able to move – with the kids?
  • What qualifies as a relocation?
  • What your choices are when you and your child’s father don’t agree
  • How the courts decide relocation cases
  • How relocation is handled (and handled differently) in four main types of cases we see (where there’s no custody agreement, where there is a custody agreement that specifies “reasonable and liberal” visitation, where there is a custody agreement that specifies specific visitation, or you go to court and litigate on the issue of relocation)
  • What happens if HE moves?
  • How is custody and visitation handled when mom and dad don’t live in the same place?

Relocation cases are difficult, but if you’re hoping to move with the kids, the best first step you can take is to request your free copy of our free report on Relocation in Virginia.