What Every Woman Needs to Know Child Custody Survival Guide

By Katherine Wilcox Carter

How Virginia Moms Lose CustodyHow Virginia Moms Lose Custody

How Virginia Moms Lose Custody

It’s every mom’s worst fear, and the reason that all moms dread custody cases so much.
What if the worst possible thing in the world happens? What if you don’t have the opportunity to spend every Christmas morning with your children? What happens if the court tells you that you can’t be the kind of mother that you want to be? What happens if they’re taken away from you, kicking and screaming? It’s a terrifying thought. The good news is that this is pretty rare, and that there are things you can do to put yourself in the best possible position before your case even begins. No matter what, you should be thinking now about the actions you should be taking to make your case as strong as possible. If you’re worried about losing custody, this report is for you! It’ll help teach you about the most common mistakes Virginia moms make, and how to avoid making them yourself. Find out here about the best interests of the child factors, the mom’s downfall, what happens when your child’s father alleges that you are making disparaging comments against him, and what to do if he’s making disparaging comments about you. It’s a can’t-miss report for any Virginia mom facing a custody case.