Girl’s Night Out Christmas Party at the Crab Shack

Posted on Nov 20, 2015 by Katie Carter

We’re definitely all about a party! In case you hadn’t noticed, we try to get together pretty regularly to celebrate all sorts of things. It’s part of what makes a regular old Wednesday or Thursday night a little special, gives us an opportunity to catch up with friends, and make plans for the future.
Our Girl’s Night Out event series has definitely grown a following. I think it’s because what we’re doing and saying resonates with a lot of people. We may be a law firm exclusively representing women in divorce and custody cases, but there’s so much more to us than that. Through the Girl’s Night Out events, we’re able to connect with current and former clients outside of the office and the courtroom. We’re able to thank our vendors and referral sources for sending women our way. We’re even able to get to know prospective clients—or people who aren’t even going through a divorce or custody case at all but are just naturally awesome. For us, it’s a win/win/win, and it also gives us a chance to say thanks—to all of you, for all of your support.
Last year, we didn’t think to throw a holiday party. (I know, I know; crazy, right?) But Chris House, one of our most devoted group members and the owner of Pride in Parenting  held a party for us. We were shocked and touched and completely surprised; of course, it was also a fabulously good time! This year, though, we wanted to make sure we made sure to plan a holiday party. We know that everyone is crazy busy this time of year, but it’s important to take a moment out and celebrate the joy of the season with girlfriends, too.
We planned our event fairly early, so that it won’t conflict with other holiday themed things you’ve got going on. But, still, we want to celebrate! No matter what your religious denomination (or lack thereof), December is a time to celebrate family and friendships. It’s a time to be grateful and to appreciate all that we have.
To that end, we’d love to invite you to our first-ever official Girl’s Night Out Christmas Party! It’s going to be on Wednesday, December 2nd at the Crab Shack in Newport News. The address is 7601 River Road, Newport News, Virginia 23607, and the event will run from 6-8pm. I hope you’ll be able to join us!
For more information, or to pre-register to attend, visit us online by clicking here. You don’t have to pre-register to attend, but it is helpful to us so we can plan the right amount of food and drinks. We hope you’ll be there!