What are irreconcilable differences? Are those grounds for divorce in VA?

Posted on May 20, 2010 by Katie Carter

Irreconcilable differences are when the conflicts between spouses are so severe that a continuation of married life is more or less impossible. While irreconcilable differences are the majority of the reasons for no-fault Virginia divorce cases, they are not technically considered grounds for divorce in Virginia.

A no-fault divorce is one in which neither spouse points blame on the other for the failure of the marriage. The grounds for Virginia no-fault divorce can include irreconcilable differences involving:

  • Conflict of personality;
  • A question of whether there is mutual concern for the emotional needs of each other;
  • Financial matters;
  • Long physical separation;
  • Difference of interests;
  • Disagreement on what constitutes proper parenting;
  • Resentment;
  • Distrust;
  • Religion;
  • Constant bickering; and/or
  • Irreversible antagonistic feelings.

A no-fault divorce begins with a 6 month separation period marked by a written separation agreement. The separation period allows couples to evaluate their irreconcilable differences and gives time to see if they are serious enough to warrant divorce or if their relationship can be worked out.

If there are minor children involved in the divorce case, the separation period is extended to 1 year.
 During this time, child custody is reviewed and once the period is over, the divorce can be finalized as a no-fault divorce.

If you are a woman considering a Virginia divorce you may need to explore the grounds of divorce to determine if they are because of irreconcilable differences. The attorneys at Hofheimer Family Law Firm have experienced many cases of this type and can help you proceed quickly in your claim. Contact us today to schedule a legal consultation – 757-210-9870.