What is virtual visitation and how does it relate to my Virginia child visitation arrangement?

Posted on Apr 27, 2011 by Katie Carter

When a Virginia couple with children gets a divorce, the non-custodial parent often goes through the grief and pain of not seeing his or her child as often as before. To make the separation easier, some parents make use of technology to communicate with their kids.

Recently, some states have implemented laws governing “virtual visitation.” These laws recognize parental visitation that’s conducted via chat and webcam.

Many parents find that this arrangement works well for them. It’s convenient, free and generally appeals to children and teens. Some parents find that virtual visitation enables their children to communicate more openly with them and helps foster deeper bonds.

While this sounds promising, not everyone agrees that virtual visitation is a viable option. Opponents of virtual visitation feel that this type of interaction cannot provide the same bond and comfort that comes with face-to-face meetings.

Virtual visitation has not been recognized by the state of Virginia and it might not work well as any family’s sole form of visitation.
 It’s important to note, though, that for many divorced couples, virtual visitation may serve as a good supplement to their court-ordered parenting plans.

When you’re going through a Virginia divorce, the many options you may have with child custody and child visitation can get confusing. To get a better idea of all of your child visitation options and how to ease the transition for you, your ex and your children, a Virginia family law attorney can help.

Contacting a Virginia Family Law Attorney

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