Who does DNA testing in Virginia?

Posted on Jun 24, 2010 by Katie Carter

When determining Virginia child support requirements, it is of little to no consequence if the other parent has been denied visitation or custody rights. While it may seem that it’s unfair to them to have to pay for the child even though they are not allowed to see him, in many cases this is done to protect the child.

Even a parent who has been denied custody or visitation rights is still held liable to pay Virginia child support. If the other parent has been denied visitation or custody rights by a court, it is most likely because they pose a danger to the child. Denied visitation is done with regard to the child’s safety and has no impact on the financial needs you will have when raising a child alone.

The only exception to Virginia child support requirements is when the custodial parent disappears for a lengthy period so that no visitation is possible. In a few cases, the courts have ruled that the noncustodial parent’s duty to pay child support may be considered temporarily suspended.

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