Who does DNA testing in Virginia?

The state of Virginia has a contract with LabCorp, a national laboratory services company with local branches throughout Virginia’s major cities. They are the first national DNA laboratory to provide a 21-marker genetic analysis with their standard double-blind paternity testing.

When determining child support in Virginia, a paternity test may be required by the court to prove biological ties between father and dependant child.
The results of LabCorp DNA tests are legally admissible as evidence in a court of law, and can therefore be used to prove disputed paternity when arguing child support in Virginia.

child custody claims can also be helped by the results of LabCorp testing. If your spouse is found to not be the biological father of your children you may be able to use this as leverage in your Virginia child custody claim. Most courts are reluctant to place a child with a non-relative father unless their safety is called into question by placement with the biological father.

Whether your needs for determining paternity are for a Virginia child custody case or a claim for child support in Virginia, you can rely on LabCorp results to be legally admissible.

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