Custody Book

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In it, you’ll find all sorts of valuable information designed to help clue you in about how custody cases in Virginia work.

You’re probably wondering, “Now that I have the book, what should I do next?” A custody case is a scary thing, because the future of your child is being called into question. Well, honestly, the first step you should take is to read the book! It may seem obvious, but you should sit down, with a pen or highlighter in your hand, and read the book. You may even need to read it more than once!

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There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to custody cases, and we want to make sure you’ve got as much information as possible in your arsenal.



What’s a custody e-course?

It really is like a class on handling custody cases—taught by one of our experienced attorneys! You’ll receive a series of emails, all giving you helpful pointers and valuable insider information on Virginia custody cases. Whether you plan to hire an attorney or represent yourself, you’ll get tons of incredibly valuable information about what happens in custody cases and how to handle it.

Will it answer all of my questions?

We will certainly try! The custody e-course covers tons of topics, including when a child is capable deciding his own custody arrangement, how to handle overnight visitation when your child’s father has a new girlfriend, how to handle the possibility that your child’s father may take your child and run, and what to do when he asks for more visitation.

Custody cases expect moms to walk a fine line between establishing that they are the fit and proper custodians for their children and demonstrating their sincere belief that the child’s relationship with his father is important. Moms who aren’t prepared to handle this can find, a little too late, that their choices have seriously damaged their custody cases. We HATE to see that happen!

To sign up for the custody e-course, fill in the contact form below. Then, you’re done! Just wait until we’ve had a chance to add you to the course, and you’ll start receiving the materials. (Did I tell you that they were all written by one of our attorneys?)

But what if I need more help?

After you complete the custody e-course, you will feel much more confident and in control of your custody situation. Still, if you feel like you need more help, and you need it now, feel free to call our office at (757) 785-9761 to schedule a one hour consultation with one of our experienced custody attorneys. All of our consultations are confidential, and we’ll help you come up with a personalized plan to help address your unique custody situation. Take a deep breath; we can help!

Remember: you’ve got some powerful tools at your disposal. With the help of the attorneys at the Hofheimer Family Law Firm, you’re more in control than ever. Knowledge is power!

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