Fault Based Grounds for Divorce

[…] location and date of the affair and the initials, if we have them, of the paramour. That’s enough to get us in the door of the courthouse. Immediate Divorce In Virginia, using adultery as your grounds qualifies you for an immediate divorce. It doesn’t work that way for any of the other fault based […]

Collaborative Divorce Virginia

When it comes to divorce, there are a lot of choices. Gone are the days when divorce was a one size fits all type proposition; these days, there are many more options. Though you still have to have grounds for divorce, potential grounds include both traditional fault based options as well as no fault. […]

Virginia Divorce Procedure

Though there are definitely similarities between divorces, there are lots of differences, too. In fact, if you’re wondering about what is involved in divorce procedure, you’re not alone. And, the truth is, it’s not always a very simple answer! Divorce procedure is different depending on the type of divorce you’re pursuing. For our purposes, […]

Virginia Collaborative Divorce

You have a lot of different options available to you when it comes to divorce. You have so many options, in fact, that many of the women that I see in my consultations or at my Second Saturday divorce seminars are convinced that there are many different “kinds” of divorce from which to choose. To […]

First steps towards Virginia divorce: don’t rush it!

If I had to give you one piece of advice when it comes to your divorce case, I would tell you to take your time to figure out your options, discover how divorce works, and plan your next steps before you take any steps. It may seem like such a little thing, but it […]

How to Save Money on Your Virginia Divorce: Part One

It’s hard to estimate the cost of a divorce ahead of time, because there are so many factors that affect it. In a lot of cases, the choices you make can have a direct impact on the cost of your divorce. Sometimes, the attorney you hire affects how much your divorce will cost. Still, […]

How do I prove we’ve been separated for a year?

Most people are aware that they’ll have to prove, at the end of a year, that they’ve been separated in order to get a divorce. What they don’t know, though, is how all of that is accomplished at the end of the process. We get lots of questions about how things are proven and […]

When your divorce isn’t running smoothly

[…] the marital money. It’s normal that, during divorce, your finances will be stretched pretty thin.  If your financial situation is more dire, you may have to take immediate action. We see things like this all the time.  As soon as you and your soon to be ex husband make the decision to separate, he […]

Do It Yourself Virginia Divorce

You’d think that what constitutes “do it yourself”, especially when it comes to a divorce or custody case, would be pretty clear.  A do it yourself resource is one that allows you to do it yourself (duh).  The best types of do it yourself resources would take you through from start to finish and […]

Collaborative Divorce in Virginia

[…] the celebrity kind) are looking for alternatives ways to settle their divorces. Unlike personal injury cases, there’s really not some dramatic windfall to be won in a divorce. The parties have the assets that they had when they decided to separate, and there won’t suddenly be more. In fact, there will be less, because […]