4 Ways to Avoid Ruining Virginia Child Custody Case on Facebook

Posted on Jul 19, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

In a Virginia child custody case, the court needs to determine the living arrangement that’s in the best interests of the child. Sometimes, information on a parent’s social networking page can affect their image in court. A Virginia child custody attorney is on your side in court and can counsel you on how to manage your online presence.

Unfortunately, your ex’s attorneys can use this information against you during you Virginia child custody case. They’ll be looking for things that can make you look like the less competent parent.

Steps to Protect Against Having Your Social Media Page Used Against You in Court:

  • Keep your settings private. Sites like Facebook will not do this automatically; you have to go into your settings and do it yourself.
  • Avoid angry posts. It’s understandable that during your divorce you will feel upset with your ex, but it’s best to avoid lashing out against him in your status updates. That kind of ranting will make you look bitter and vengeful.
  • Beware of your “friends”. Don’t accept friend requests from strangers and don’t assume that just because someone is your friend, that they won’t report your personal info to anyone.
  • A picture is worth 1000 words. What do your Facebook photos say? Take a good look through them to determine whether they show you in a positive light. If not, it is best to delete them.

Contacting a Virginia Child Custody Attorney

At Hofheimer Family Law Firm, we understand that the health and happiness of your children is your #1 concern. We will work with you to address any fears and anxieties you may have about your children’s future. Our women’s-only divorce attorneys will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you achieve the best possible child custody and child support arrangements for you and your children.

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