A Virginia Divorce is no Time to be Shy about Your Non-Monetary Contributions

Posted on Mar 12, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

In today’s fast-paced, career-driven society, it’s easy to fall into a mindset that if an activity doesn’t generate income, it’s not worthwhile. This outlook can even transcend into your personal life and cause some stay-at-home moms to feel the pressure to work.

This is simply just not accurate, especially so when you’re in the midst of a Virginia divorce. During divorce proceedings, crucial matters such as property settlement agreements and even Virginia spousal support will be determined. Now is not the time to cower in the corner and shrug when asked about which spouse contributed to which aspect of your marriage.

Chances are, the extent of your non-monetary contributions to the family are vast, and account for more than you think.

With the help of a Virginia divorce attorney, you can fight to prove each and every one of your non-monetary contributions to your family, some of which include:

  • purchasing food;
  • cooking meals;
  • planning meals;
  • washing dishes;
  • maintaining the home (inside and outside);
  • cleaning;
  • laundering clothes;
  • repairing the home (inside and outside);
  • caring for infants;
  • caring for children;
  • caring for pets;
  • planning vacations; and
  • maintaining a budget.

The list goes on and on. Instead of sitting idly on the sidelines during your Virginia divorce and letting your circumstances dictate your future financial security, consider partnering with a Virginia divorce attorney who can account for your non-monetary contributions, to advocate that you get what you need and deserve going forward.

Contacting a Virginia Divorce Attorney

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