Calculating Child Support in Virginia

Posted on Jul 15, 2013 by Katie Carter

Child support is one of the many financial matters to take into consideration during a Virginia divorce. Virginia child support was established to make sure the children of divorced parents could continue to receive the daily care and provisions they had while their parents were married.

Calculating Virginia child support can be complicated, depending on the child custody arrangement. Usual methods of calculating Virginia child support apply to situations in which one parent has sole custody. In other arrangements such as split custody, calculating support may require some creative decision-making.

Calculating Virginia child support is easier when the parents themselves can come to an agreement. This can come about through mediation or collaborative divorce, or simply be agreed upon between the parents with the approval of their attorneys.

If the parents cannot come to an agreement, calculating child support is up to the court. The state relies on calculation guidelines based on a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s income. It also takes into consideration things like the parent’s earning abilities, health care costs, any special needs of the child and other factors.

In cases where the financial situation of the parent ordered to pay child support changes, the amount of child support may be re-evaluated and changed.

Each case is different. If you’re divorcing and you need more detailed information about calculating child support, you should contact a Virginia family law attorney.

Contacting a Virginia Family Law Attorney

The decision to file for divorce usually comes at the end of a long and painful journey. In addition to the emotional turmoil involved, there’s also a lot of fear and uncertainty about what the future holds. Concerns about children, mortgages, and even just paying the bills or buying groceries can easily become overwhelming.

A Virginia family law attorney at Hofheimer Family Law Firm can examine the specifics of your case to help you decide how much support to ask for, what child custody arrangement will work best for you and your children, and how to fairly divide your marital assets. Request a FREE copy of our divorce book for women in Virginia, orreserve your seat at our monthly divorce seminar – 757-425-5200.