Court Behavior: How to Behave in a Child Custody Hearing

Posted on Mar 25, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

When it comes to court room behavior during a Virginia child custody hearing, it’s almost like learning how to play a game. You are a player and the goal is to win physical and/or legal custody of your child. Before you can even think about winning a child custody hearing in Virginia you have to win over the judge.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can trick a judge into awarding you custody through lying or manipulation. They didn’t get to that position without having years of experience working in family law. At the same time, Virginia child custody judges are compassionate and truly looking out for the best interests of your child.

A divorce can definitely be a messy and frustrating experience. There are a lot of emotions involved in divorce and child custody, and many of them are negative. When you are in front of a judge, you need to have control over those emotions and act like an intelligent, rational, and dedicated parent. There is too much at stake to allow emotions to run amuck and ruin your child custody case.

If nothing else, just be sure that you go into a court hearing with the intent to be on your best behavior. Your Virginia child custody lawyer should walk you through the entire process beforehand and give you advice on how to dress, speak, and behave in court prior to your child custody hearing.

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