Divorce Rate Rising for Blue-Collar Couples

Posted on Dec 23, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

How are the current economic conditions affecting American marriages? A new report seeks to shed some light on money, class and divorce.

The report, entitled “The State of Our Unions,” shows that while divorce rates for both the most and least educated couples have fallen, they have risen among moderately educated blue-collar families.

It’s believed that financial tensions and the shrinking of the American middle class have had a strong impact on the strength of the blue-collar family.

How does this affect you and your marriage? If you and your spouse are considering a Virginia divorce, it’s possible you are going through a similar experience to many other blue-collar couples across the country.

Money struggles are often at the top of the list of complaints in a Virginia divorce, particularly when the family has suffered a recent or sudden financial setback.

A general pessimistic outlook and low morale can also contribute to marital strife and divorce. If the partners feel depressed or anxious about the current economy or a sudden lack of job prospects, that feeling can carry over into their relationship.

Whatever your education level or socioeconomic status, a divorce is a major life event that has long-lasting effects. It’s wise to seek the counsel of a Virginia divorce attorney to help you figure out if divorce is the right step for you.

Contacting a Virginia Divorce Attorney

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