Girl’s Night Out at LunaSea Virginia Beach!

Posted on May 10, 2017 by Katie Carter

It’s FINALLY warming up! Even though I love, love, love living at the beach, there’s no question that the water keeps us a little bit cooler for longer when most of us are ready to get our summer vacations on already. Even though you can go to the beach some days (and, in fact, this year, there were a couple of days in February when I went to the beach), it takes ages for the water to warm up.
We’ve overdue for another Girl’s Night Out event and, because things tend to be warmer in May (though, of course, in Virginia there’s never any guarantees), we wanted to plan an outside event. Late May is safe, right? (Knock on wood!)
We decided to have our next Girl’s Night Out event on Wednesday, May 24th at LunaSea at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. If you haven’t been there before, it’s definitely a can’t-miss venue, and one that I’m wondering if we’ll have to make an annual thing! It’s a pretty cool spot; they’ve got a sandy pit kind of area with corn hole boards set up! (As you can probably imagine, all the locals love it, too!) It’s got great tropical, beachy flair, and I think it’ll be just like a Caribbean vacation in the middle of the week!
If you’re free, be sure to join us! (After all, it’s totally free to you, and it’s a night out of the house!) We’ll provide drinks (including sangria, champagne cocktails, and rum punch) and some awesome food (like quesadillas and crab dip); all you have to do is show up! And the more the merrier, too—feel free to bring a (lady) friend, coworker, neighbor, or acquaintance along with you, especially if the thought of showing up alone makes you a little nervous. I promise you, though, we’re super friendly, and you’ll feel comfortable with us in no time—still, I understand if it makes you nervous to walk into a new place alone. (I know it would me.) There’s tons of room, and the more the merrier.
For more information or to register to attend, visit our website by clicking here.

Though you don’t have to register, it does help us to have a general idea of how many people might show up – so we can make sure to order enough food. (No one likes going hungry!) I think this one will be really popular (everyone loves when we do something outside), so you’ll definitely want to let us know! Hope to see you there!