Girl’s Night Out at Calypso in Virginia Beach

Posted on Sep 12, 2014 by Katie Carter

On September 24th, our Girl's Night Out group will be getting together again! We're going to be meeting up for happy hour at Calypso at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Now that we've been offering these events for more than a year, we've really acquired a pretty diligent group of followers. We've posted the event to our Facebook group (which is closed, so you'll have to attend an event and then request to join in order to be admitted), and everyone said how excited they were, so we know that this event is going to be tons of fun.

We figured, you just finished out the summer and finally got the kids into a back to school routine, so you'll probably need a little pre-holiday time to yourself. Right? Well, why not join us for happy hour? It's fun, free, and local, and there's absolutely no divorce or custody case required. We just want to meet you! Bring your business cards or bring a friend, but we're sure to all find something fun to talk about.

If you're interested in learning more or pre-registering to attend, just click here! You don't have to register ahead of time (we won't turn you away!), but it helps us give the venue a headcount (so they know where to put us and how many tables and chairs to provide) and make sure we order the right amount of food (nothing is worse than not having enough shrimp crostinis to go around!). Bring a female friend, co-worker, or family member, and come join us for a fun evening right on the beach before it gets so cold we can't enjoy it anymore.

We'd love for you to join our online community on Facebook, too! To request to join, first attend one of our events, and then go to to join. We'll get you approved, and you'll see all sorts of things that we post there for members only–specifically, pictures from earlier events and information about upcoming ones. Sometimes, we even make plans to meet up in between events, too. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to connect in between events.

Add September 24th to your calendar, and we hope to see you at Calypso!