Handling Workplace Gossip During Your Divorce

Posted on Sep 9, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

Nearly everyone enjoys some juicy gossip, whether the target is a favorite Hollywood star or the co-worker in an adjacent cubicle. Some of the information being passed around might be factual, but many times, it’s a game of telephone in which the details of personal lives are distorted and misunderstood.

If you’re going through a Virginia divorce, you can’t entirely stop people from discussing their take on your divorce, but you can be prepared to handle the situation with grace.

The first line of defense against office gossip is to be careful with your words. It’s up to you how much to say about your Virginia divorce; it’s best to think before you divulge anything of a personal nature to your co-workers.

If you find out that people have been talking behind your back about your Virginia divorce, you have a couple of choices about how to handle it.

If you can pinpoint the individual who started the rumor, you can confront him or her. You should do so politely but directly, and in a private setting. Let the person know that you’re aware they’ve been talking about you and that you’d like them to please stop.

Most company policies prohibit gossip and slander. If you find that the rumors are getting out of hand, you can discuss the problem with your company’s director of human relations. Gossip about your Virginia divorce will likely run itself out in time. Hold your head high and don’t let other people’s bad behavior ruin your life.

Contacting a Virginia Divorce Attorney

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