Handling Your Children’s Anger During a Divorce

Posted on Jul 15, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

When a Virginia woman is going through a divorce, there are many family issues she must face.

Anger is a very common reaction for children to have when their parents are going through a divorce. Whether your child is an adult or still a minor living under your roof, feeling like you’re the target of your child’s anger is an incredibly painful situation for a parent.

Listed below are a few coping strategies if you happen to find yourself in this difficult situation:

  • Accept it. Anger is one of the normal reactions a person can have when they get bad news. Don’t make your child feel bad about being angry.
  • Talk about it. Encourage your child to talk, but don’t force it. He or she will probably open up eventually. You may also want to bring your child to a psychologist that specializes in helping children emotionally cope with their parents’ divorce.
  • Stand your ground. Make it clear that you are still the parent and that you expect basic respect and decency. If your child is a minor make it clear that they still need to follow the house rules. Kids’ anger usually comes from fear, so keeping solid boundaries is a good idea if you want them to feel secure.
  • Take time alone. If you’re emotionally fried, your ability to interact with your children will be reduced. Take some time to relax and take your mind away from the negative happenings.

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At this vulnerable time, it’s critical that you have exceptional legal representation that not only understands the specifics of your case, but is dedicated to your best interests and that of your family.

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