Information You Should Give Your Children About Your Impending Virginia Divorce

Posted on Apr 27, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

Divorce is an especially sad time for children. No child wants to see his or her home broken up. Sadly, divorce is a reality for many Virginia families. Because of this, parents need to be prepared to give their children the information they need to handle the divorce as smoothly as possible.

First of all,
both parents should announce the divorce. Having both parents present shows that the divorce was a mutual decision, and it reinforces the fact that the children are not the cause of the divorce. This step is most likely the hardest because it requires the parents to control their emotions and show restraint.

The next step is to give your children a general reason for the divorce. You don’t have to go into too many details because it is a personal decision. However, it is important not to place blame on the other parent and to emphasize that the children have no role in the divorce.

You should also make it clear that you will be living apart, but this does not affect how much you love them. Emphasize that both their mother and father will continue to be their parents, and this will never change. Of course, what you tell them should be age-appropriate. What you tell a 3-year-old will be different than what you tell a teenager.

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