Lawyer Is Jailed For Rude Courtroom Behavior in His Own Divorce

Posted on Mar 25, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

A Florida lawyer was jailed after displaying rude courtroom behavior in his own divorce case. His inability to keep quiet in the courtroom didn’t sit very well with the judge.

Herald Tribune
reports that Edward Weltman displayed several types of rude and disruptive behavior in court that finally led to the judge finding him in criminal contempt. Weltman interrupted the divorce hearing by laughing about the amount of alimony his wife was asking for. He also stated that as a lawyer, his outbursts would be considered justified in the court where he practices. He even stooped so low as to call his wife’s attorney a name.

The judge sentenced him to 6 months in jail but after Weltman apologized for his behavior, the judge reduced the sentence to 3 days. Rude courtroom behavior rarely warrants a jail sentence, but it can disparage your reputation and seriously impact the outcome of your trial.

Courtroom Behavior Don’ts

Here are some important don’ts when it comes to courtroom behavior:

  • Interrupt when others are speaking
  • Speak out of turn
  • Call names
  • Glare at others
  • Speak directly to the other party or opposing attorney

There is certain etiquette that is expected of you when you are in a courtroom, which includes showing the proper respect for the court, the judge, and even your ex. Respect yourself and others enough to make the experience a favorable one and you’ll increase your chances of a successful verdict.

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