Mind Your Ps and Qs: Your Behavior in Virginia Child Custody Court

Posted on Aug 15, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

Virginia child custody can be a very emotional topic. It’s important to remember some simple tips on how to behave in court so that you can give yourself the chance at a positive outcome. Your Virginia divorce attorney will be doing most of the talking but you need to project a tolerant, respectful countenance.

First, consider your appearance. While this may seem like a superficial thing to think about during such a difficult time, it can have an impact on your case. No matter what your daily personal style happens to be, your best bet for court is an understated, feminine, conservative look. A knee length skirt and a blouse in a pastel color, for example.

Next you’ll want to focus on how to behave in court. “Respect” is the key word to keep in mind whenever you’re before a judge. It is the same goes for the guardian ad litem, custody evaluator, and any other professionals involved.

This is no doubt a trying time in your life, and being under stress can give you a short fuse. It may be especially hard to maintain your composure if you feel that your ex and his legal team are misrepresenting you.

However, in Virginia divorce court you should never:

  • interrupt anyone speaking (you will be given a chance to speak);
  • argue with anyone there (only state the facts as they pertain to you); and
  • display disrespectful body language (avoid crossing your arms, making faces, or tapping your toe).

Contacting a Virginia Divorce Attorney

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