Never Settle: describing your perfect partner

Posted on Feb 14, 2014 by Katie Carter

As I was thinking about Valentine’s Day and what to write, I came across this article about two little girls who wrote a list of 30 things that their future husband must do. It sounded cute, so I clicked on the link and read the article. While I think that Justin Beiber is a pretty deplorable choice for a husband, I agree with these clever girls on so many of their points. It makes me smile to imagine them sitting around the kitchen table, coming up with this carefully crafted list of qualities. It also makes me happy to think that there are little girls who are so self-confident that they can make this list of awesome characteristics and know that they deserve a partner who possesses all of them.

I think this list (and this article) should serve as a reminder to all of us never to settle, to value ourselves, and to know, deep in our hearts, that we really do deserve the best. Click here to read the article at Huffington Post!

What’s on your list? Though I think we can all agree on a lot of them—we certainly want a partner who respects us, gets along with our parents, and doesn’t have a weird last name—there are also certain points that are individual. Take some time to think (I mean really think) about what’s on your list. Write that list, and write with the beautiful conviction that these girls displayed because you know you deserve to find someone who meets all of your most important qualifications.