Putting Children First In Alternative Litigation

Posted on Mar 31, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

Divorce can create a lot of emotion and feelings that are difficult to process. You may feel that you have been hurt, rejected or even wonder if you are doing the right thing. If there are children involved, it can make the situation even more challenging. There is so much to figure out with finances, dividing assets, and adjusting to a new life without your spouse. Add to that stress the issue of fighting for custody of your children and you have the makings of a very confusing and trying situation.

No matter what route you take in a Virginia divorce, whether it’s a traditional divorce or alternative litigation such as mediation or collaboration, it is important that your children are always put first. The issues surrounding your marriage should not affect the well-being of your children.

Never allow your children to get caught in a war between you and your spouse
. Going through a child custody hearing in Virginia is difficult enough without adding more stress to the lives of your children.

While alternative litigation such as a collaborative divorce can potentially help you and your spouse settle issues like child custody in a more relaxed environment than a court room, it will only work if both of you commit to resolving these issues peacefully.

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