Spotlight on Lindsay Trasko: Virginia Divorce Attorney

Posted on Dec 11, 2013 by Katie Carter

Every attorney brings something new to the table, and Lindsay Trasko is no exception. She’s one of the newer associates at Hofheimer Family Law Firm. She started with us in 2012, after graduating from law school at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and serving a year as a clerk for Judges Croshaw, Hanson, and Mahan at the Virginia Beach Circuit Court.

Having experience from the other side of the bench is invaluable. Lindsay has a unique understanding of the way the local circuit courts function, the pressures that are on a judge in his or her day-to-day life, and who the major players are within the court system.

You may not have heard of them before, but law clerks are pretty influential people. Most of the time, new graduates from law schools seek internships with courts in the year immediately following graduation, while they’re also studying for the bar. Since a law license isn’t required, they can’t start working before they’re actually licensed. Don’t be fooled, though; law license or not, being a law clerk is seriously important. During her year as a clerk, Lindsay penned many opinions to the judges to help them decide how to rule in some of their most difficult cases, reviewed thousands upon thousands of final divorce decrees, and was able to see, firsthand, how the judges behave in action after watching some of the most exciting cases play out in the courtroom. Not only that, but she had the opportunity to chat with the judges about their favorite TV shows (did anyone see the last episode of “Revenge?”), sports teams, and even their workouts (Yoga, anyone?).

While it’s true that the judges have to rule based on the law, it’s also true that it can be incredibly helpful to have a personal relationship with the judge before you set foot in his courtroom. It’s also helpful to have personal knowledge of the way things work within the court itself, so she often knows the fastest, most efficient way to get things done. During her year at the court, Lindsay also studied for and passed the Virginia Bar Exam, and now she’s practicing family law (mostly divorce and custody) at Hofheimer Family Law.

Lindsay brought a wealth of experience with her when she came to work for us. We’re lucky to have her, but, even more importantly, our clients are lucky to have her. Because of her broad range of experience and her knowledge of the law, she is an impressive attorney and a zealous advocate for the rights of the women who are her clients. She particularly enjoys working on cases that have complicated property distribution issues. She’s skilled at analyzing legal research and coming to a quick, logical legal argument and at drafting contracts and other documents that protect her clients, both now and in the future as they start their new post-divorce lives.

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